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Genie is a Chinese company who published bootleg arcade games. Currently, the only title they are 100% confirmed to have developed is Puckman Pockimon.

Not much is known about this company. They have also gone under the names "IBS" and "Sun Mixing" (although it's also possible these were publishers of their games). Presuming they are the same companies, they have also developed the arcade version of Super Bubble Bobble MD, which may give a connection to Gamtec. The overall quality of Puckman Pockimon is similar to Gamtec games as well, even using graphics from one of their rumored titles, Pocket Monster. It's possible that Genie is simply an arcade division of the company.

Their games run on modified Sega Genesis hardware, converted to work through a coin-operated system. As such, they could convert Genesis games to arcade titles (as seen with Bubble Bobble). It's unknown if they made unlicensed versions of actual Genesis games, but this is somewhat likely.


  • There are multiple arcade games on Mega Drive hardware that's credited as "Sun Mixing", and even in one of the copy of Puckman Pockimon. Also, their supposed "Logo" doesn't make much sense, as it's just looks like a random text. It's possible that Sun Mixing is Genie's real name. However, this is yet to be confirmed.