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Gluk Video was a video game publisher that released many unlicensed video games and Famiclones from the early-to-mid 90s in Spain.


Gluk Video was started up as a brand for the company Photopak SA in 1992, and was set up to import unlicensed games.[1] However, the games were released in the 72-pin NES format while the clone systems were made to be compatible with NES carts instead of Famicom carts. Unlike many companies that released unlicensed NES games, the PCBs were actually 72-pin and didn't use a Famicom-to-NES adapter.[2]

Most of the games they published were unchanged from the original versions, with the exception of Thunder Warrior where the protagonist was changed to Gluk, the company mascot. They also had several brands of NES clones.[3] The NASAs were direct clones of the NES, while the YESS and Silver Shadow consoles copied the console design of the PAL SNES instead. These always came bundled with two controllers, a zapper and a multicart which contained pirated versions of official Famicom/NES games.

List of games[]

In-game title Cartridge title Developer Year
Adam & Eve Adan y Eva NTDEC 1991
Balloon Monster El Monsturo de Los Globos NTDEC 1991
Bookyman Booky Man NTDEC 1991
Cosmos Cop Cosmos Cop NTDEC 1991
Creatom Creatom Micro Genius 1991
Destructor El Destructor NTDEC 1992
F-15 City War F-15 City War Idea-Tek 1990
Gluk the Thunder Warrior Gluk the Thunder Warrior Micro Genius 1992
Go! Benny! Corre Benny NTDEC 1992
Magic Block El Bloque Magico NTDEC 1991
Magic Carpet 1001 La Alfombra Magica NTDEC 1991
Policeman Policeman Micro Genius 1992
Puzzle Puzzle Idea-Tek 1990
Sea of Dreamland La Gran Aventura Submarina NTDEC 1992
Skate Boy Skate Boy NTDEC 1992
Tank Tanque NTDEC 1992
Volleyball Volley Ball Idea-Tek 1991
War in the Gulf La Guerra del Golfo NTDEC 1991