Golden Gard
Golden Gard Logo
Origin Taiwan(?)
Years 1999-Early 2000's(?)
Consoles Famicom
First Game Super 138 in 1(?)
Last Game Unknown
Aliases Industria Argentina

Golden Gard was a distributor of pirated multicarts along with standalone games for the Famicom originating somewhere in the late 90's, with their earliest known published cartridge from 1999. Not much information is known about them but it is speculated that they originated from either Taiwan or China with their games also reaching Eastern & Central Europe.

Games Edit

Some cartridges known to have been published by them.

Name Released Description Cartridge No.
Super 138 in 1 1999 Multicart VT5308
Super 76 in 1 2000 Multicart VT5222
Super 66 in 1 Unknown Multicart FK-013
Super 128 in 1 Unknown Multicart FK-016
Mickey Mouse In Letter Land Unknown Standalone FK8334
Contra 6 (Contra Force) Unknown Standalone FK-8343
Super 58 in 1 Unknown Multicart SV-1224
Super 92 in 1 Unknown Multicart SV-1422

Gallery Edit

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