Golden Sun
Golden Sun-1-full
Golden Sun's title Screen
Publisher Unknown
Developer Shenzhen Nanjing Technology
Cart ID(s) NJ020
Original developer Camelot Software Planning (GBA)
Console Famicom
Date Unknown, possibly mid-2000s
Engine Own
Sound engine Tecmo Sound Engine
Alternate names/hacks Huang Jin Tai Yang

(Chinese: 黄金太阳)

Golden Sun (Original chinese title: Huang Jin Tai Yang, 黄金太阳) is a backport to the Famicom of the GBA game of the same name made by Shenzhen Nanjing Technology Co., Ltd.


The game is essentially a turn-based RPG which contains some of the original characters and follows some of the original story line.

This game contains a large amount of glitches (for example, the player can walk over his mother) and contains only two audio tracks (including the title screen music).


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