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Super Color 25-in-1
Super Color 25-in-1 menu screen.
Console Game Boy Color
Engine Various
Sound engine Various

The Super Color 25-in-1 is a multicart for the Game Boy Color made by an unknown company. This multicart is notable for containing 8 Pokémon games, one of which is a bootleg.


The multicart label and menu states that there are no repeats on the multicart. This is debatable however, as both Pokémon Blue and Green are included, which are essentially the same game in different languages [Despite the fact that the English Red / Blue games are completly redone in coding due to difficulties with the format of the Japanese Red / Green games.] All of the Pokémon games aside from Green and "Stadium" are in English, (the latter is in Chinese) and are the official translations apart from Pokémon Gold and Silver, which are bootlegged versions. Despite the multicart's name, only 5 games have full color. The others are monochrome Game Boy games, and when played on a Game Boy Color they use the same default color palette as the menu. (The palette can be changed on the Game Boy logo) Unlike most multicarts, this one contains a battery which allows the user to save up to three games simultaneously, although only the first 7 games seem to have save functions.

List of games

Names are taken from the menu.

  1. Pokémon Gold
  2. Pokémon Silver
  3. Pokémon Yellow
  4. Pokémon Red
  5. Pokémon Blue
  6. Pokémon Green (Japanese version of Pokémon Red / Blue)
  7. Pokémon Card (Pokémon Trading Card Game)
  8. Pokémon Stadium
  9. Boukenjima 3 (Takahashi Meijin no Boukenjima III)
  10. Bonk's Adventure
  11. Snow Bros (Snow Bros Jr.)
  12. World Cup Soccer (Nintendo World Cup)
  13. Dodge Ball (Nekketsu Koukou Dodge Ball-Bu)
  14. Ultraman Ball
  15. Bubble Bobble
  16. Castlevania (Castlevania: The Adventure)
  17. Pinball Party (Hero Shuugou!! Pinball Party)
  18. Contra Spirits (Actually the American version called Contra: The Alien Wars)
  19. Alleyway
  20. Tetris
  21. Battle City
  22. Mogura de Pon!
  23. Asteroids
  24. Side Pocket
  25. Double Dragon (Double Dragon II)