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The Super Color 25-in-1 is a multicart for the Game Boy Color made by an unknown company. This multicart is notable for containing 8 Pokémon games, one of which is the Chinese version of Pokemon Stadium (Pocket Monsters Pikachu Stadium) by Good Life.

The Super Color 40-in-1 was made by this same company. It features eight Pokemon games, as well as Pikachu Land, a Super Mario Land sprite hack. This includes Pokemon Stadium and Monster Dragon Tactics Card by Good Life, both of which are in English.

There are multiple multicarts for the Game Boy Color that resemble the style of multicart produced by the J.Y. Company that feature games by Good Life. The titles of these Good Life games are altered from the original single cart release. When the cursor is hovered over a game on the menu, its Chinese title appears at the bottom of the screen.


Super Color 25-in-1[]

The multicart label and menu states that there are no repeats on the multicart. This is debatable however, as both Pokémon Blue and Green are included, which are essentially the same game in different languages. All of the Pokémon games aside from Green and "Stadium" are in English, (the latter is in Chinese) and are the official translations apart from Pokémon Gold and Silver, which are bootlegged versions. Despite the multicart's name, only 5 games have full color. The others are monochrome Game Boy games, and when played on a Game Boy Color they use the same default color palette as the menu. (The palette can be changed on the Game Boy logo) Unlike most multicarts, this one contains a battery which allows the user to save up to three games simultaneously, although only the first 7 games seem to have save functions. It has an ID number, JPK002.

Super Color 40-in-1[]

Pokemon Crystal is in Japanese, while the remaining Pokémon games are in English. Pokémon Gold uses a pirate translation, whereas the others use official translations. This multicart only features two save slots as opposed to three. Its ID number is JPK-007.

List of games[]

Names are taken from the menu.

Super Color 25-in-1[]

  1. Pokémon Gold
  2. Pokémon Silver
  3. Pokémon Yellow
  4. Pokémon Red
  5. Pokémon Blue
  6. Pokémon Green (Japanese version of Pokémon Red / Blue)
  7. Pokémon Card (Pokémon Trading Card Game)
  8. Pokémon Stadium (Good Life, Chinese version)
  9. Boukenjima 3 (Takahashi Meijin no Boukenjima III)
  10. Bonk's Adventure
  11. Snow Bros (Snow Bros Jr.)
  12. World Cup Soccer (Nintendo World Cup)
  13. Dodge Ball (Nekketsu Koukou Dodge Ball-Bu)
  14. Ultraman Ball
  15. Bubble Bobble
  16. Castlevania (Castlevania: The Adventure)
  17. Pinball Party (Hero Shuugou!! Pinball Party)
  18. Contra Spirits (Actually the American version called Contra: The Alien Wars)
  19. Alleyway
  20. Tetris
  21. Battle City
  22. Mogura de Pon!
  23. Asteroids
  24. Side Pocket
  25. Double Dragon (Double Dragon II)

Super 40-in-1[]

  1. Pokemon Crystal
  2. "POKECARDSTADIUM" (Monster Dragon Tactics Card by Good Life, English version; official English name unknown as of writing)
  3. Pokemon Stadium (Pocket Monsters Stadium King of Fighters (Bronze) by Good Life, English version; the English version's title screen calls it "Pocket Monsters Pikachu Stadium")
  4. Pokemon Card
  5. Pokemon Gold
  6. Pokemon Yellow
  7. Pokemon Red
  8. Pokemon Blue
  9. Pikachu Land
  10. Hyperloderunner
  11. Shisensyo
  12. Alley Way
  13. Puzzle Road
  14. Amida
  15. Palamedes
  16. Tetris
  17. Dragon Slayer
  18. Dr. Mario
  19. World Bowling
  20. QBillion
  21. Space Invaders
  22. Flipull
  23. Pitman
  24. Tennis
  25. DMG-KMJ
  26. Flappy Special
  27. Trump Boy
  28. Hong Kong
  29. Pipe Dream
  30. Ishido JPN Ver.
  31. Volley Fire
  32. Soukoban2
  33. Koi Wa Kakehiki
  34. Battlecity
  35. Heiankyo Alien
  36. Shanghai
  37. Minesweeper
  38. Migrain Acclaim
  39. Othello
  40. Motocrossmaniacs



  • Super Color 40-in-1 is compatible with monochrome Game Boy systems, as it uses a black Game Boy cartridge shell with a notch. and the multicart functions properly on those systems. By extension, both of the English Good Life games included on the Super Color 40-in-1 also fully work on mono Game Boy systems.
  • The artwork on the label of Super Color 25-in-1 is taken from Pokémon Gold and Pocket Monsters Pikachu Stadium, both of which are included.
  • On the label of Super Color 25-in-1, Pokémon Silver and Side Pocket are misspelled as Pokémon Siver and Side Pecket respectively, despite both names being spelled correctly on the menu.