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Goodhand is a ROM hack of the Japanese Famicom version of City Connection which drastically alters the graphics. It is believed to have been produced by Inventor, which has also produced multiple other pirate ROM hacks of various Famicom/NES titles.


  • The main character, who is supposed to be Clarice driving her car in the original game, is now a bike rider.
  • The cat from the original game is now a badly colored version of Mappy.
  • The enemies from levels 1 and 4 are taken from Warpman from Namco.
  • The enemies from levels 2 and 3 are glitched.
  • In the levels starting from 3, the background glitches.
  • At the ending of each level, random tiles are shown, instead of Clarice herself.
  • For some unspecified reason, in most versions of the hack there is no way to distinguish between highway parts that have been driven on and ones that haven't, making this hack essentially unplayable by default.
  • None of the music or sound effects are altered in this hack, unlike many other Inventor hacks.