Gowin (高遠科技有限公司) was a publisher and developer of Game Boy and Game Boy Color games. Its earlier mono Game Boy games were developed by a team connected to Gamtec & Vast Fame, while its later Game Boy Color games were developed by a different team in mainland China.

Some of their mono games will only run on mono systems like the original Game Boy, due to the boot logo change. Others will not run on the Game Boy Advance line of systems, nor the Super Game Boy or Game Boy Player.

List of GamesEdit

Game BoyEdit

  • GS-01 琵琶行 / Sound of the Pipa
  • GS-02 魔法球 / Magic Ball
  • GS-03 耶魯王子 / Prince Yeh Rude
  • GS-04 拉薩瑪傳奇 / Story of Lasama
  • GS-05 彩虹戰士 / Prince Rainbow
  • GS-06 瓜瓜火龍 / Fire Dragon
  • GS-07 迷途之旅 / Lost Trips
  • GS-08 數碼怪獸 / Binary Monsters

Multicarts Edit

  • KKL-01 3-in-1 with Fire Dragon, Prince YehRude and Story of Lasama

Game Boy ColorEdit

  • GS-09 神奇鐵金鋼 / Amazing Robot
  • GS-10 數碼怪獸 - 地獄大冒険 / Binary Monsters II - Adventure of Hell
  • GS-11 封魔神燈 / Magic Lamp
  • GS-12 Lei Nu Ji Shen (雷弩機神) / Final Robot
  • GS-13 熱門高校 數碼怪獸III / Binary Monsters III - School Fighter
  • GS-15 悟空降魔錄 / Journey to the West / Magic Monkey
  • GS-16 Dinosaur Genesis
  • 臥虎藏龍 / Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
  • 石器時代 掌機版 - 精靈王誔生 / Stone Age
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