Li Cheng Pokemon Crystal

Box of "Pokemon Crystal" published by Li Cheng, which is a translation of the original game.

Guangzhou Li Cheng Industry & Trade Co (广州市骊城工贸有限公司), also known as Xing Xing Technology (星星科技) and Niutoude, formerly Guangzhou Tianhe Yongsheng Co (广州市天河永盛有限公司) and Winsen is a Chinese publisher of Mega Drive and Game Boy Color games.

Most of Li Cheng's games discovered so far appear to be either re-releases of Taiwanese originals (sometimes with Simplified Chinese text replacing the original Traditional) or Chinese translations of Japanese games, but many remain unaccounted for.

Mega Drive

Most of Li Cheng's Mega Drive games were released under the Yongsheng name. Their Chinese translated Japanese games can usually be distinguished by the "Winsen" logo replacing Sega's.

Mega Drive games include:

Game Boy Color


Niutoude logo

Game Boy games were released under the Li Cheng and Xing Xing Technology names, usually with a CBA*** serial number. Most modify the "Nintendo" boot logo to read "Niutoude", which was actually trademarked by Li Cheng in China (preserving same font).

Game Boy games include:

  • Soul Falchion (developed & originally published in Taiwan by V.Fame)
  • Final Fantasy X: Fantasy War (developer unknown, originally published in Taiwan by SKOB)
  • Rockman DX3 (developed & originally published in Taiwan by V.Fame as Zook Hero 2)
  • Crazy Richman 2 (developed & originally published in Taiwan by V.Fame)
  • Heroic Sword (英雄剑) (originally published in Taiwan by Hitek)
  • Digimon D-4 (developed by SKOB, Li Cheng's ver renames it to Pearl Pokémon II and changes SKOB to SPEED. Published by NT.)

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