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Gulf War II
Title screen.
Hack of Twin Cobra
Publisher Comad (South Korea)

Fuuki (Japan)

Four J International (North America)

Developer Comad
Original developer Toaplan
Console Arcade
Date 1991
Engine Twin Cobra / Taito

Gulf War II is a shoot 'em up game made for Arcade machines, developed by Comad and released in 1991. The game was published by Comad in South Korea, Fuuki in Japan, and Four J International in North America.


The game takes place in the real Gulf War, which happened from 1990-1991. The players fights against Iraq armed forces in 10 stages full of action, but starting from stage 11, the game loops back from stage 1, but on harder difficulties.


  • The game is a very extensive hack of Twin Cobra, a shoot 'em up developed by Toaplan and released by Taito in 1987 (although Toaplan wasn't credited in-game), which is the spiritual sequel of Tiger Heli. In the original game, the player controls a helicopter instead of a jet plane, and the music is more audible in comparison to Gulf War II, where the FM channels and the FM drums are almost not synced.
  • Comad released Gulf War II to promote the real Gulf War, because South Korea was one of the various countries that supported USA against the Iraq armed forces, and Comad was located in Seoul, South Korea (Attached institution in Suwon, South Korea).
  • Although the title suggests there is a first Gulf War game, this game is not a sequel and there was never a first Gulf War game.


Japanese arcade brochure

North American arcade brochure