Happy Angel Legend
Happy Angel Legend title screen
Title screen.
Hack of Tiny Toon Adventures
Developer Inventor
Original developer Konami
Console Famicom

Happy Angel Legend is a Teletubbies themed hack of Tiny Toon Adventures for the Famicom that replaces Buster Bunny with Po, Plucky Duck with Tinky Winky, Dizzy Devil with Dipsy, recolours Furrball yellow (possibly meant to be Laa Laa), Babs Bunny (only in the ending) with an unnamed pink Teletubby, and Montana Max (only in the intro) with an original character who resembles a Smurf, Some of the enemies were also recoloured, the music was swapped around and some of the levels altogether were reworked (Level 1, which is a field in the original, looks more like a city street now).

This game does not have a standalone release and is only seen on plug-and-play Famiclones and multicarts (such as 100 in 1 Arcade Action II).