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Harry Potter
Harry Potter's title screen.
Publisher Unknown
Developer Unknown (possibly Tomsoft as

they're credited on Pokémon II's leftover data)

Console Sega Mega Drive
Date Unknown (2001 or later)
Engine Unknown
Sound engine PCM format
Alternate names/hacks Pokémon II

Harry Potter und der Stein der Weisen ("Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" in German) is an unlicensed game for the Mega Drive made sometime after the movie Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was released.


The game plays somewhat like a 3D Pac-Man clone, with a total of three isometric levels to play through. The levels take place in Hogwarts, the Forbidden Forest and an Arabian area resembling Agrabah more than any setting in Harry Potter. The player controls Harry Potter, who has to collect dots which move around the map while avoiding any enemies. The player can teleport if they walk off the edge of the map to another edge of it, which is decided at random. After beating the third level the player is sent back to the title screen, and it is unknown whether or not this is intended.

The music and sound effects are all done in PCM format, and are somewhat good quality for a Mega Drive game. The graphics appear to be pre-rendered of some sort, although there seem to be some tiling issues with the level layouts.

Pokémon II

Title screen.

There exists a game very similar to this one named Pokémon II and it is unknown which game is a hack of the other. Here Pikachu replaces Harry, the first level becomes themed around bars/restaurants, and the second one is a copy of the one from Harry Potter but with an orange tint. The music in the first level of this game is a pitched-up PCM version of a song from Cool Spot for Mega Drive, which is not present in Harry Potter.


Pokémon II



  • This game uses the German poster of the film as the title screen image.
  • The music in the first level is a PCM version of a song from the movie, and the one from the third level is a PCM version of the Street Fighter II theme.
  • The second level uses graphics from the first level of Sonic 3D Blast, for the Mega Drive.
  • The "Ready? Go!" voice sample is taken from Puzzle Bobble.
  • One dump of this game credits Tommy Xie, formerly of Dragon Co. However, it is not clear whether the game was actually developed by him or developed by someone else using his development kit.
  • A simplified version of this game, using only the first level's graphics and with one of the enemy characters replacing Harry, appears on the Sunnyflyer 30 in 1 plug and play system under the title 3D Bean. [1]