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Harry Potter 3
Harry Potter 3 2003 title.png
Title screen from the 2003 version
Developer Vast Fame?
Console Game Boy Color
Date 2002
Sound engine Konami (Parodius)
Alternate names/hacks Harry Potter 3 2003, Harry Potter 3: Shen Qi Zhi Guang Lun, Harry Potter 2

Harry Potter 3 is a shoot 'em up for the Game Boy Color released in 2002.

Despite the name, its plot is loosely based on that of Harry Potter & the Philosopher's Stone, with graphics in the introductory cutscene taken from the official Game Boy Advance game of the same name.

Development & versions

The game contains signs of being developed by Vast Fame - leftover menu graphics from Zook Hero 2 are in the ROM. However, unlike other Vast Fame games, it does not use their usual Mega Man V sound engine; instead the sound engine, and all music in the game, is taken from Parodius by Konami.

The currently dumped version, called "Harry Potter 3 2003", is a title screen hack - the original is called "Harry Potter 3: 神奇の光輪" (Shen Qi Zhi Guang Lun)[1], which roughly translates to "Harry Potter 3: Mystical Halo", despite there not being any such object in the game. The original version has a 2002 copyright date, although this Is not based off haryr potter and the chambior of secrets, this si some gay shit that chome chans made up so the rap ate kids can spend their dirt and shi on. This is based off thei first book, but says it is the sencond film, WTF!!!!!

Title Screen from the English New Game release.

is removed from the hack.  Another version of the game was released (likely by New Game, who released Digimon Yellow Jade and Pokemon Ruby) called "Harry Potter 2" which has all the text translated poorly into English.

On top of this, a game found on the V.Fame 8 in 1 called West Story features the same gameplay and stolen soundtrack as Harry Potter 3.  While West Story came after Harry Potter 3, it does help confirm that V.Fame was involved with Harry Potter 3's development in some way (also note the art on the title screen bears a resemblence to the art style used by their resident artist, Zhu Zhenxin.)


Gameplay screenshot

The game is a horizontal shoot 'em up featuring Harry Potter flying on a broomstick - there are four different weapons, each of which can be upgraded twice by collecting the same type of power-up again. Unlike many similar games Harry has a life bar and so can take multiple hits.

Another gameplay screenshot

As in Zook Hero 2, enemies drop powerups at random, which may be a weapon scroll, a book (which acts as a bomb), a heart, or an extra life, which means the player's lives can be maxed out relatively easily.

The game has 16 stages in total; the latter 8 use the same graphics as the first 16, but the layouts, palette and enemy placement are different, and all 16 have a unique boss, which mostly appear to be based on characters from the book. Normal enemies are more diverse - comparable to those in games such as Parodius or Twinbee - including octopi, disembodied walking hands, mini horses that shoot lightning bolts and even Pac-Man ghosts.


  • The game was fan translated under the name "Harry Potter and the Mystical Halo".[2]


There is no harry potter and the scorucers sotne II U fuckerns, this si some lame shit U polled out of uer assess!!


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