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Hell Fighter is an unlicensed game released by Sachen in 1991 for the NES and Famicom.


(Rephrased from the game's intro and manual)

In the dark and cold Hades, lives the ambitious Satan, who is anxious to control the world. He had no way to reach the horrible plan until the Devil Crystal Ball fell into his hands.

On the day he acquired the Crystal Ball, the world changed. With the evil power of the ball, Satan has made the world erupt into chaos.

In the critical moment, the Wise Old Man found Lee Long, a young man armed with arrows and great knowledge of Chinese Kung-Fu. The old man trained him with the uncanny power required to save the world, before sending him off to destroy Satan and the devils.



Screenshot of Stage 3.

Players control Lee Long in an action platformer. It has somewhat basic controls, pressing Left or Right makes you move in the desired direction, B is Shoot and A is Jump. Like Mario, you can break tiles above you when you jump, and by pressing Down+B, you can use your Kung-Fu to kick the ground in front of you, destroying the tiles you are close to. (Though some tiles can't be destroyed)

You have Two Weapons: Throwing Arrow: A small and fast projectile with a fast firing rate. Fireball: A slow but large projectile with a slow firing rate. Does more damage than the Arrow.

There are Orbs scattered around every level, each changing color every second or so. The colors come in this order (Brown, Red, Dark Blue, Light Blue/Green, back to Brown) The Power-Up you got when you collect them depends on the current color.

Brown: Changes your weapon to Throwing Arrow and upgrades it. 1 Brown Orb makes you shoot 3 Arrows. 2 Brown Orbs and above makes you shoot a homing Arrow that flies towards enemies until it hits them. Red: You get a 1-Up every second time you collect it. Dark Blue: Makes a Blue Orb orbit the player. 2 Dark Blue Orb adds another Blue Orb. Dark Blue Orbs afterwards make the orbs orbit faster. Light Blue/Green: Changes your weapon to Fireball and upgrades it. Each Orb makes the fireball come out faster.


  • Lee Long's sprite is very similar to that of the original Prince of Persia's player, mostly in terms of clothes and his head.
  • In the options menu, you can only select up to Stage 4 to start from, but by pressing A + B on Controller 2 while selecting the starting stage, you can select the last 2 stages.