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Hercules 2 is an unlicensed port of Disney's Action Game Featuring Hercules for the Sega Mega Drive and SNES.



Comparison of the first level between the MD and PSX versions.

The game is composed of four stages based off of the original PlayStation game. All of the graphics try to copy the original game, though are downgraded with lots of detail missing such as the whole forest atmosphere of the first level. Also, a few enemies use sprites from either Aladdin for the SNES, or the Mega Drive pirate of the same game.

The first three stages are platform based, while the final fourth stage is more like a shooter where you ride Pegasus. Each stage ends with a boss that must be defeated in order to advance.

SNES version[]

An SNES version exists which uses Street Fighter II sound effects and is mostly a straight port of the Mega Drive version. The most significant difference is a new soundtrack. Other differences aren't features as much as they are evident problems in porting, including very choppy animation, jittery backgrounds and palette issues. This version has no final boss, and simply shows Zeus being released from rocks. The ending is the same as the Mega Drive version.


  • The title "Hercules 2" is used due to a previous pirate hack released on the Mega Drive as "Hercules". This original Hercules was a minor hack of Dahna: Megami Tanjō by an uncredited group.
  • The game is the 3rd in the ES series of Mega Drive pirates by an unknown publisher, with an ID of ES48003. Unlike other titles with an ES ID however, the claim of being a 64M cartridge on the label differs from the 48 written in the ID.
  • The label also refers to the game as HI-GAME 1999, placing the release likely in that year.
  • The artwork used on the original cartridge, and alternative cover of the Sega Mega Drive version is mirrored from the original American poster.
    • SNES version's cartridge simply uses the artwork from Disney's Action Game Featuring Hercules