Title screen.
Publisher D.R. Korea
Developer D.R. Korea
Original developer Sega
Console Arcade
Date 199?
Sound engine Treasure of Usas

Hexa is a puzzle game made for Arcade machines, developed by D.R. Korea and released in early '90s.


The player needs to match 3 identical or more tiles in a row, it can be in horizontal, vertical, or diagonal, as long they match each other. As the player progress, various naked Asian woman appears in background (one at time).


Hexa is a clone of Columns, a puzzle game released by Sega in 1990. As the company implies, the game is exclusive to South Korea. The game recycles music and SFX from Treasure of Usas, a game made by Konami for MSX2 and released in 1987, and recycle graphics (not the backgrounds on playfield) from Graph Saurus, a graphic utility (also) for MSX2 and released in 1991 by Bit². And the hardware used in Hexa is the same used in Arkanoid, with the exception Hexa does not make use of a spinning dial and the lack of MC68075P5 for protection.

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