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Hit Marmot is a whack-a-mole type of game developed in 1990 and released in 1991 by NTDEC. The game requires the Zapper.


Similarly to old Famicom titles, four different modes are available to the player. Two difficulty option (Normal and Difficult) as well as the number of moles simultaneously exposing themselves to the player (one or two).


  • The game was seemingly first scheduled for a 1990 release. Remnants of an older title screen with a 1990 copyright can be found in the game data. The game was ultimately manufactured the last week of 1990. NTDEC had updated the title screen to account for that.
  • The unreleased Caltron 9-in-1 features a heavily cut-down mapper hack of Hit Marmot; the game is cut from 128k to 64k compared to the standalone release. In the 9-in-1 version, the story and ending sequences are removed, and for unknown reasons, the game starts at a "Level 0" before entering Level 1.
  • Asder's "educational computer" Famiclones often feature another whack-a-mole-based game using keyboard controls. The educational game repurposes the graphics from Hit Marmot, and gives the moles helmets rather than hats. Further alternate versions were released on Dance Dance Revolution "plug & play" clone consoles.