Hosenkan Electronics Co., LTD.
Origin Taiwan
Years  ? (Active in 1996-1997)
Consoles Famicom
Published games by Ei-How Yang

Hosenkan Electronics is a electronic devices manufacturer who entered the game business a short period of times, releasing games developed by EHY.

Overview Edit

Hosenkan had a short attempt in the gaming business, being already on the decline in Taiwan. They were probably related to Realtec who distributed some of their titles.

Games distributed by Hosenkan Edit

They are known for releasing themselves the following games:

Name Released Description Cartridge No.
Pocohontos 1997
Super Donkey Kong late 1996 or early '97

Games published by Realtec Edit

Hosenkan with Realtec re-released two Ei-How Yang titles previously developed by J.Y. Company. They probably didn't release it themselves in Taiwan to not get in trouble.

Name Released Description Cartridge No.
China Rabbit Baby 1997 Variant of Mickey Mania 7 that replaces Mickey with Buster. K-R6
Contra Spirits 1997 1996 copyright version. H-C1
Mickey Mania 7 1997


Unconfirmed Edit

Name Released Description Cartridge No.
Jurassic Park 1998 Unconfirmed, credits Hosekn which could be another company.
Mortal Kombat 5 1998

Trivia Edit

  • Both Mickey Mania 7 and China Rabbit Baby were originally released by J.Y. Company and Contra Spirits was being developed for them as well. The contract was likely broken (for unknown reason) and the developer left J.Y. for Hosenkan. Ei-How Yang games were removed from J.Y. multicarts after 1996 as well.