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Hot Dance 2000 is a plug-and-play dance mat game, running on famicom hardware. Loosely based on Dance Dance Revolution.

Note this pirated Famicom game is well known for having seizure inducing backgrounds that may hurt your eyes while playing.


When you first boot the game, you’ll be greeted by a title screen featuring glowing silhouettes with a glitchy effect and text filling the silhouettes, alongside a dancing character wearing all green in the bottom left corner.

Once you get past the title screen, you’ll be shown a menu with 3 options. “Single”, “Mix”, and “Game”

The game plays similarly to Dance Dance Revolution, only with the songs being 8-bit renditions of the originals, and the up and down arrow positions on the screen being switched. The player hits arrows that scroll to the top of the screen, just like in DDR. However, the game fails to take into account that the left/right or up/down double combinations do not play well with an NES/Famicom controller. This isn’t an issue on the original Plug-and-play, due to it using a dance mat.

No matter how the player performs, the health bar at the bottom stays full and does not change at all throughout the song. At the end of the song is when it becomes almost empty, no matter the player's performance.


When you select “Single”, it will cut to a simplistic menu, featuring a list of songs.

The songs included on the cartridge that's already been found and in the order of the game:

  • 1. "The Girl Next Door" by Kankuona Beat (called Girl Glimpress Over in the game)
  • 2. "You Are My Sunshine" by Johnny Cash (called My Sunlight in the game)
  • 3. "Summer Love (Sha La La Style)" by Phil Gordon (called First Love in the game)
  • 4. "The World Is So Beautiful" by Teresa Teng(Called “Beautiful World” in the game)
  • 5. "Beat It" by Michael Jackson
  • 6. "Where do I begin?" by Andy Williams (called "Love Me Tender" in the game)
  • 7. "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion
  • 8. "Oh. Carol" by Neil Sedaka (Miss-spelled in the game with a "G")
  • 9. "El Bimbo" by Paul Mauriat" (called The Necklace in the game)
  • 10. "Lemon Tree" by Fool's Garden
  • 11. "Butterfly" by (played on title screen)
  • 12. "Sha la la La" by The Wynners
  • 13. "Dub I Dub" by Me & My
  • 14. "Hero" by Miss Papaya
  • 15. "Mr Wonderful" by
  • 16. "Follow The Sun" by Triple J
  • 17. "If You Were Here" by Jennifer
  • 18. "Have You Never Been Mellow" by The Olivia Project (called "Bad Girl" in the game)
  • 19. "Bad Girls" by Juliet Robert (called "Mellow" in the game)
  • 20. "Boys" by
  • 21. "Bam Bam Bam" by Bambee (called "Boom Boom Dollar" in the game)
  • 22. "South-bound Train" by Jean JiYoon (called "Strain" in the game)
  • 23. "Wrongful Meeting" by Kim Gun Mo (called "Bes Meet" in the game)
  • 24. "Fame" by Irene Cara
  • 25. "Festival" by Uhm Jung-Hwa
  • 26. "Declaration of Freedom" by Kim Hyun Jung" (called "Free" in the game)
  • 27. "High Way Star" by Deep Purple
  • 28. "Regret" by Jo Sung Mo" (called "Bhoo Hee" in the game)
  • 29. "Meeting" by Koyote
  • 30. "Heartless" by Chae Jung-an" (called "Moojung" in the game)
  • 31. "Geniune" by Koyote" (called "Soonjung" in the game)
  • 32. "Tell Me Tell Me" by S#arp" (called "Tell Me" in the game)
  • 33. "Wa" by Le Jung Hyun


When you select “Mix”, you’ll be greeted by a menu similar to “Single”. Each disk features 2 or 3 songs like (First Love + Beautiful World) It curiously starts at 34 and ends at 66.


“Game” features the same menu, but with a list of games.

  • 67. Hit Mouse (A whac-a-mole styled game with graphics stolen from a Family BASIC application.
  • 68. Pac Man (Pac-Man)
  • 69. Pin Pan (Arkanoid)
  • 70. Pin Ball (Pinball)


  • The character that dances is similar to Usagi Tsukino from Sailor Moon.
  • The song that plays on the title screen is a Famicom rendition of "Butterfly" by
  • There are two hacks of Hot Dance 2000. Called GLK Dance and Hot 2000. Both have less songs, no mixes, and only one game. But they have a better menu system
  • There are several other dance mat plug-and-plays using the same sound engine. Such as Twin Dancers and Dance Party 3/Dance Master


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