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Not to be confused with Hummer Team.

Hummer Software (蜂鸟软件, also translated as "Hummingbird Software", not to be confused with the Japanese game company Hummingbird Soft) was a company based in Xi'an, China, who produced games primarily for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and "EMG" hardware-based plug & plays.

The Hummer Software company was the successor to Dragon Co., which in itself was formed by ex-Hengmao Electronics employees. Hummer Software mainly focused on developing "[software] around the EMG802, EMG1000, EMG1020 series of game platforms"; the "EMG" devices seem to be a proprietary form of hardware used in plug & plays. The company previously hosted several "demo" ROMs for download on their website, including a Sonic the Hedgehog game demo; however, all of these files are no longer archived.

A handful of Hummer Software productions are known to have been released, such as the Sega Mega Drive game Death Caliber. The software for two plug & plays - the Sunnyflyer 30 in 1 and the Lexibook Color Console (20-in-1) - were also produced by Hummer Software.

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