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*[[Panda Adventure]]/Pink Jelly
*[[Panda Adventure]]/Pink Jelly
*[[Space Shuttle Exploration]]
*[[Space Shuttle Exploration]]
*The Duck (Duck Hunt wannabe with DKC4's music from EWJ3's NSF)

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Hummer Team
Example of a Hummer Team copyright.
Origin Taiwan
Years 1994-1998
Consoles Famicom
First Game Mortal Kombat II
Last Game Final Fight 3 (as an actual team)

Harry's Legend (EX-Hummer Team)

Sounds used Yoko V1, Yoko V2, Yoko V3
Engines used Somari engine, SFII Engine, and others

Hummer Team is a pirate company that originated during the 16-bit era. They're known for making decent NES ports of games on more advanced consoles along with being associated with JY Company. They seemed to have disappeared during the 64-bit era, where several members continued to make games elsewhere.


  • Someri Team (Used before 1995)
  • Hummer Team (Used between 1995-1997)
  • Jing Tay Team (Seen in Tiny Toon Adventures 6)
  • Copyright (As seen in SMW & Aladdin - technically not an alias but still an identifying factor, most developers don't write the word "Copyright" in full)


These are games that are definitely known to be made by them.

These are made by only a few members of Hummer Team after leaving JY and NT. (Unknown publisher although some of these games were rereleased by ABAB Soft)

These games could be made by them, but, as of now, there isn't enough evidence to prove it.

  • Dance Y2K (on ABAB multicart with War of Strike Mosue and Dragon Running
  • Rings (Seems to be based off of Lord of the Rings. The only original on a 4-in-1 that it is found on. Usually there is only one original on Abab's multicart not counting the dance pad multicart)
  • Shisen Mahjong 2 (Similar sound engine, uses music from Jing Ke Xin Zhuan and graphics from AV Jiu Ji Ma Jiang II. Has appeared on one of ABAB Soft's multicarts) (NT)
  • Yuu Yuu Hakusho Final (Uses similar engine to many of their fighting games, commands are similar to Shin Samurai Spirits 2) (NT)

45-in-1 (JY-120A) (Unl) -U--!- 002

JY Company's logo

A common misconception of Hummer Team is that in their games, there is a three eyed sun/sea urchin hidden in the ROM, it can generally found by a button code and/or a sprite editor such as Tile Layer Pro, although sometimes (such as in Aladdin) it is incorporated into the level graphics.

This isn't Hummer's logo but rather JY Company's, who published many Hummer games as well as numerous other pirates. This is why it isn't present in Hummer's games that are published by NT (Earthworm Jim 3 (unsure) and Street Fighter Zero 2 97) but is present in Ei-How Yang's games published by JY, such as Mickey Mania 7 and Contra Spirits (which may not have actually been published by JY, but presumably was intended to be).

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