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Hummer Team Logo

Hummer Team is a pirate company that originated during the 16-bit era. They're known for making decent NES ports along with the logo of theirs. They seemed to have disappeared during the 64-bit era.


  • Hummer Team (They used this alias a lot more often during the late 16-bit era and the early 32-bit era)
  • Copyright (as seen in SMW)
  • JY Company
  • Jing Tay Team (Seen in Tiny Toon Adventures 6 pirate)
  • (Possible) Somari Team


These are games that are definitely known to be made by them.

  • Aladdin III (Bundled with a hack of it called Popeye II - Travels in Persia)
  • Donkey Kong Country 4 (Bundled with a hack of it called Jungle Book 2)
  • Dragon Ball Z - Super Butoden 2
  • Final Fight 3
  • Mario & Sonic 2 (Hack of Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers)
  • Mickey Mania 7 (Hacked to produce China Rabbit Baby)
  • Mortal Kombat II Special (Hacked to produce Mortal Kombat III Special and Mortal Kombat 3 Special 56 Peoples)
  • Power Rangers 4
  • Shin Samurai Spirits 2
  • Street Fighter Zero 2 '97
  • Super Contra 3
  • Tekken 2
  • Tiny Toon Adventures 6 (under alias JY and Jing Tay Team)
  • Toshinden

These games could be made by them, but, as of now, there isn't enough evidence to prove it.

  • Harry's Legend (Sounds are reused from Kart Fighter and Super Mario World)
  • Kart Fighter (Many of Hummer Team's fighting games have Kart Fighter's ending music in the sound track, and many of Hummer Team's Fighting games are based off of the Kart Fighter engine)
  • Somari (Aladdin III suggests that with having some sound effects, along with Aladdin III having similar physics and hud graphics.)

Logo Origin

In most of Hummer Team's games, there is a three eyed sun/sea urchin hidden in the ROM, it can generally found by a button code and/or a sprite editor such as Tile Layer Pro. Sometimes, a smaller version appears in the background of some games (the sky in Super Mario world, the carpet in Mortal Kombat 2 SPECIAL, and the monitor screen in Power Rangers 4).

There are two variants of the Hummer Team logo, a large one found in most of their games, and a smaller one found in games like Donkey Kong Country 4 and Mickey Mania 7.

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