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The Hummer Team Demos are a series of rudimentary VT03 game prototypes that were used for an unknown purpose.

The Demos[]

VDog (playable demo)[]

This is a small prototype of a virtual dog game which seems to be the predecessor of ZDog. You can see the V painted over in ZDog's logo if you look closely.

VDog (sprite test)[]

This is just like the above game, but seems to be earlier and without any proper functionality. Instead, pressing any button will switch between various sprites in the game.

Pink Jelly[]

This is a very simple game in which you launch Pink Jelly and another character intermittently off of a see-saw. Strangely, the game is attributed to "Simmer Technology" despite having the Hummer logo. Not to be confused with the released Hummer game bearing the same name.

Hidden Files[]

Various files are hidden within the ROM of the Pink Jelly game, after the ROM data ends. So far, only an unknown JAR file, sound effect, and what appears to be a Taiwanese Yahoo webpage have been discovered.

Downloading and Running the Demos[]

The demos and the emulator needed to run them can be obtained from this page on VRT's site. Simply click the button marked "EmuVT 1.36" to download the emulator, then click the button marked "VT03 Demo" to download the ROM files. Extract both files (you'll need a program that can extract RAR files) and then open the ROM of your choice using the emulator.