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Hyper Pacman
Hyper Pacman Title screen.png
Title screen.
Developer SemiCom
Console Arcade
Date September 5, 1995
Engine Toaplan Snow Bros. hardware

Hyper Pacman (하이퍼팩맨), later also known as just Hyper Man, is a maze arcade game developed and published by SemiCom in 1995. It is an unlicensed title using characters from Namco's Pac-Man series, often being compared to the arcade games Pac-Mania and Pac-Man Arrangement (the latter of which postdates this game) for its gameplay and visuals.


The player controls Pac-Man, and must eat all of the dots while avoiding Ghosts. Each maze contains Power Pellets that allow Pac-Man to eat the ghosts. There are many power-ups hidden throughout the levels, like bombs that can destroy the maze walls and helmets that shoot lasers. The game also features a two-player cooperative mode, where the second player controls a pink Pac-Man in a bow (likely intended to be Ms. Pac-Man).


Despite being a bootleg, Hyper Pacman seems to have been a very successful arcade game in Korea, going on to have four sequels. These include:

New Hyper Man / Hyper Man 2 (199x)

Pac-Man is placed in an open field, and must shoot the ghosts by firing lasers at them. Has only been found in multi-cades (Puzzle King and XESS: The New Revolution) and not as a single release.

Twinkle (1997)

This sequel returns to the formula of the original game, while adding new mazes and power-ups.

Developed with SemiCom's Third team "Tirano".

Twinkle II (1998)

The sequel to Twinkle. Very little information about it is currently known, and it is undumped.[1]

PacMan 2 (2002)

Only included on the Puzzle King multi-cade. Features five playable characters (none of which are Pac-Man) and similar mechanics to Hyper Pacman.

The game "Puzzle King" was Developed by K1 soft/HANsystem, since the Original developer of Hyper Pacman franchise, SemiCom changed their UI and PCB Around Mid-1999 to 2001's, This is likely a bootleg of a bootleg.

The game includes Pac-Man 2, Tetris, Hyper Man 2, and Snow.