Hyper Pacman
Title screen.
Developer SemiCom
Console Arcade
Date September 5, 1995
Engine Toaplan Snow Bros. hardware

Hyper Pacman (하이퍼팩맨), also known as just Hyper Man, is a maze arcade game developed and published by SemiCom in 1995. It is an unlicensed title using characters from Namco's Pac-Man series, often being compared to the arcade games Pac-Mania and Pac-Man Arrangement (the latter of which postdates this game) for its gameplay and visuals.

Gameplay Edit

The player controls Pac-Man, and must eat all of the dots while avoiding Ghosts. Each maze contains Power Pellets that allow Pac-Man to eat the ghosts. There are many power-ups hidden throughout the levels, like bombs that can destroy the maze walls and helmets that shoot lasers. The game also features a two-player cooperative mode, where the second player controls a pink Pac-Man in a bow (likely intended to be Ms. Pac-Man).

Sequels Edit

Despite being a bootleg, Hyper Pacman seems to have been a very successful arcade game in Korea, going on to have four sequels. These include:

New Hyper Man / Hyper Man 2 (199x) Edit

Pac-Man is placed in an open field, and must shoot the ghosts by firing lasers at them. Has only been found in multi-cades (Puzzle King and XESS: The New Revolution) and not as a single release.

Twinkle (1997) Edit

This sequel returns to the formula of the original game, while adding new mazes and power-ups.

Twinkle II (1998) Edit

The sequel to Twinkle. Very little information about it is currently known, and it is undumped.[1]

PacMan 2 (2002) Edit

Only included on the Puzzle King multi-cade. Features five playable characters (none of which are Pac-Man) and similar mechanics to Hyper Pacman.

Reference Edit

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