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IQ Champion is a unlicensed port of Mattel's Buzz Bombers for the Intellivision developed by Dongxin Techno (Nice Code Software).


This game was ridiculously rerealesed at least 12 times, hacks include:

  • Archer (VT02)
  • Fighter (VTO2)
  • Hexadod (Actually spelled Hexapod) (VT02)
  • Little Indian (VT03)
  • Man in Red (VT02)
  • Man in Red (VT03)
  • Orchard (VT02)
  • Orchard Kavass (VT02)
  • Scuba Hunt (VT02)
  • Sniper (VT02)
  • Sniper (VT03)
  • Weald Gunman (VT02)


  • There are 2 versions of the original release, one where like the original game, you control a can of insect repellent and shoots are limited, while there's other version that replaces the main character with a generic character that ressembles Taizo Hori and shoots are infinite.
  • In the Hexadod variation, the can of insect repellent you control is retained.
  • In the Man in Red variation, the intro screen has been removed.
  • In the Orchard and Orchard Kavass variations, the enemies have been replaced by a bad recolor of the worms from the NES version of Donkey Kong 3.