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Idea-Tek Corp. (安碩企業有限公司) was a developer of NES/Famicom games active around the early 90's, founded by the boss of Joy Van after that company was merged into Sachen. They had good ties with Computer & Entertainment, handling the distribution of their first game, Zhan Guo Si Chuan Sheng. Its games and the company itself were acquired by Micro Genius (TXC) around 1991. Idea-Tek disappeared some time later on the same year after the release of Poke Block. TXC apparently closed the company and distributed Idea-Tek development tools to their other studios.



These games were released between 1989 and 1990. They were likely all retailed with a small instruction sheet[1].

Super Mega[]

Super Mega logo

Super Mega logo.

Not much is known about Super Mega. Unlike the first self published games, Super Mega retailed the games with cardboard boxes and instruction booklets. The cartridge labels were handcuts. This was seemingly a brand of Idea-Tek as they tried to trademark Super Mega but it was ultimately rejected.

Published by others[]

The following titles were developed by Idea-Tek but not released by them, or at least not officially.

  • AV Hanafuda Club (Hacker International)
  • AV Dragon Mahjong (Hacker International) - Mahjong Block with adult oriented content added.
  • AV Pachislot Big Chance (Hacker International) - Hot Slots (Panesian). A Taiwanese release exists which replaces the copyright line with a sole I and use similar components as to some C&E releases. It may or may not be related to Idea-Tek.

Micro Genius[]

After the buy-out of Idea-Tek, TXC released their library, with the exception of the adult oriented titles, under the Micro Genius (MGC) line, sometime with updated copyrights.

  • Poke Block also known as Stakk'm (MGC-012 and MGC-004?, 1991) - an update of Mahjong Block for western markets.
  • Rad Racket: Tennis Deluxe II (MGC-011, 1991) - Advertised by Super Mega but likely unreleased.


  • Idea-Tek eventually ran out of money around 1991. TXC bought them at that time.
  • Derek Sung, Cony's main programmer, also worked for Idea-Tek.


  1. To this day, only Puzzle, F-15 City War and Zhan Guo Si Chuan Sheng sheets were seen, so there's a good chance they all got one.