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Incantation, better known by it's international name Galactic Crusader, is a space shooter made for the NES by Joy Van in 1989 and published by Bunch Games in America.




The game is a space shooter where you play as a butterfly, shoot enemies, and collect power-ups. Similar to R-Type, one of the power-ups puts a shield in front of the butterfly and can make you shoot more. At the end of each level, there is a boss that you must defeat. Upon defeating the boss, you are given a screen showing how many enemies you've defeated. It also adds to your score and you can get bonus points. In total, there are 6 stages in the game. After defeating the final boss, you are given a one-screen ending with the words "THE END" in the middle of a picture of space and a castle. After that, your final score is shown.


  • This game was released in Japan and Asia as Papillon Gals. This version adds nudity in between stages.