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Innovation Technology was an importer and distributor of console and handheld accessories in the USA.

They planned to publish several of Open Corp.'s and Daou Infosys's games across various platforms, but all of these went unreleased.

They may have distributed the three US-released Sega Genesis titles developed by AV Artisan and published by Realtec, which would make these the only games actually released by Innovation in any form.

Games Published[]


Open Corp.[]

Name Console Released Description Cartridge No.
Adventure Kid
(Wonder Kid)
Buzz & Waldog
(Koko Adventure)
Famicom 1993 (Korea)
Cave Dude
(Toto World 3)
Street Battle
(Jang Pung II)
Sega Game Gear 1993

Daou Infosys[]

Name Console Released Description Cartridge No.
Street Hero/Street Battle
(Janggun-ui Adeul)
Famicom 1992 DIF-002
Street Hero / Street Battle
(Janggun-ui Adeul)
Sega Master System 1992 DIF-002
The Dinosaur Dooley
(Agi Gongnyong Dooly)