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Not to be confused with the company also known as InterAct, who sold the GameShark cheating devices.

The Intec InterAct is a console made by Intec, and is a knockoff of the Nintendo Wii, likely released shortly after the original.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The InterAct is approximately the size of a Super Nintendo cartridge and weighs only 1 pound. It has just a composite video output and monaural audio.

The InterAct comes with four controllers. One of which resembles a typical game console controller. Another one is attached to the user's leg and used for playing the Soccer game. The other two are called GenieCons, but resemble Wii remotes. All the controllers are flimsy and cheap like the InterAct console and could break in half during hard play.

It comes with two cartridges which are extremely small. Most of the games on the console are multicarts. The games found on it are mostly by Waixing.

One cartridge is the Sports cartridge which contains 8 games. The other cartridge contains 32 games, which brings the total to 40. All of them have equally poor control mechanics, are poorly designed, and are extremely difficult to play.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • One of the games has no text on its title screen whatsoever.
  • Some of the games copy sounds from some of the others. (e.g. all three of the games Overspeed Racing, MX Motor Storm, and Highway Racing use the exact same sounds as each other.)
  • Some of the games cheat.
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