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This is a list of NES/Famicom game hacks made (or assumed to be made) by Inventor, organised by original game name, from J-M.


Jackie Chan's Action Kung-Fu (Jackie Chan)[]

Barve Boy - Kung Fu Pokechu[]

Barve Boy replaces Jackie Chan with a large Pikachu; a girl Pikachu and Mewtwo appear in the opening intro, respectively replacing Jackie Chan's fictional in-game sister and the original game's main antagonist. Inexplicably, the fish enemy is replaced with Donkey Kong Jr.; the ramen bowl enemy is replaced with Jerry from Tom & Jerry.

The game is based on another hack of Jackie Chan's Action Kung-Fu titled Super Bros. 10: Kung Fu Mari. A handful of Mario's sprites are retained, and some enemies are further modified from the altered sprites of Super Bros. 10.


Hulk is almost identical to Barve Boy, though Pikachu has been changed to what is supposed to be The Incredible Hulk (with very limited resemblance), and the girl Pikachu's face has been altered to look like a human (albeit a different one from Jackie Chan's fictional sister from the original game).

Joe and Mac[]

Rosker Super 2002: Jake Saga[]

Based on another hack of Joe and Mac called Mario 16. The player characters are now Teletubbies; the music is corrupted. Most of the enemies are from Snow Bros., along with edited sprites of the bosses from Super C; a few enemies remain intact. The background graphics are also changed.

The Jungle Book[]

Woody Story[]

Mowgli now vaguely resembles Conte. The music cues are switched around, and the Virgin logo/level complete music has been corrupted. All cutscenes and boss fights are intact.

Juuouki (Altered Beast)[]

Super Man[]

No affiliation with the superhero. Uses the Super Mario Bros. 3 font on its title screen. One of the enemies is a modified sprite of Nick from Snow Bros.

The Asmik logo is bizarrely replaced with text reading "David", with a picture of a bearded man replacing Asmik-kun; some credits to Sega are replaced with "Stur". Music is intact.

Kabuki Quantum Fighter (Jigoku Gokuraku Maru)[]


The intro and cutscenes are removed. One of the enemies appears to be the lion from Circus Charlie. Music is intact.

Kage (Shadow of the Ninja/Blue Shadow)[]


Appears in the Timemax set, though is known to have appeared on an 120-in-1 "Just Plug 'n Play" system prior to this. Health is infinite, and can only be lost by falling into pits. Some of the music is corrupted while other tracks remain intact. Cutscene graphics remains unchanged but the intro text has been poorly translated. Credits remain the same as in the original game. Hayate is replaced with Lode Runner and his character select mugshot is reused from Ultimate Speed while Kaede is replaced with Bomberman and her character select mugshot is replaced with an edited version of Casey Jones' VS. Screen mugshot from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters. Another handheld with the Timemax romset uses the original rom without the Timemax copyright.


Neighborhood Smash[]

Some of the music is corrupted while other tracks remain intact. The graphics remain unchanged. Originally appeared only on Advance Bright Limited consoles.

Kick Master[]

Dream World[]

The cutscenes are removed; however, they are intact when the second quest starts after beating the game the first time. One of the enemies is replaced with Conte while the other ones use graphics from Warpman, Tom & Jerry, Snow Bros. and Super Mario Bros. Some of the music is corrupted, while other tracks remain intact.

Kinnikuman - Muscle Tag Match (M.U.S.C.L.E.)[]

Most of the hacks are based on the Japanese version of the game, though World Fighter is based on the U.S. version.

Boxing Match[]

Replaces the human wrestlers with animals.

Championship Wrestling[]

Also replaces the human wrestlers with animals. Originally appeared only on Advance Bright Limited consoles.

World Fighter[]

All of the characters in World Fighter have highly detailed heads. The only hack based on the US version. The music is intact.

WF Law[]

WWF War[]

Kunio-kun no Nekketsu Soccer League[]

Mad Foot Ball - The World Club of Soccer League[]

Based on the "Goal 3" title hack commonly found on multicarts. Players are replaced with Teletubbies, the intro text is blanked out, and most of the text in-game is messed up and makes no sense, likely as a result of poor translation. The music cues are swapped.

Lode Runner[]

The music is corrupted in most hacks except Golder.

Conte Enegy (1)[]

Based on another hack of Lode Runner called Turtles. The enemies in Conte Enegy are replaced with sprite edits of one of the enemies from Tom & Jerry, and the player character is changed to Conte.

Conter Energy[]

A simple title screen hack of Conte Enegy.


The player controls a teardrop-shaped character that collects flowers. Infamously, "deflower" is actually a literary term meaning to take a women's virginity; this is presumably coincidental given the game's context.


Appears to be a version of the Turtles hack that replaces the player with the Conte Enegy sprite, while leaving all other assets intact. The font is removed, and the title and score counter screens are zeroed out. Only known to appear on some NES-based "1.8" handheld consoles.


Jungle Trail[]

Originally appeared only on Advance Bright Limited consoles.


Magician shares its name with a UM6578 hack by the unknown JungleTac affiliate, seemingly by intention, but reuses the sprites from Jungle Trail.

Lunar Ball (Lunar Pool)[]

Billiard 2008[]

Music is heavily corrupted, and has become somewhat infamous for its dismal sounds; some versions completely overhaul the music. One version of Billiard 2008 simply renames it to Billiard. Despite the name it was not made in 2008, but was actually made in the early 2000s alongside Inventor's other hacks.

Planetary Pool[]

Originally appeared only on Advance Bright Limited consoles.

Mach Rider[]

Speed Rider[]

Trump Tank[]

Ballistic Mayhem[]

Ballistic Mayhem removes the intermission screens making this game playable only on the A courses. The music in it is an odd mixture of F-1 Race and Mach Rider tracks. Originally appeared only on Advance Bright Limited consoles.

Magic Carpet 1001[]

Harry Potter[]

Stars Harry Potter and the music is heavily corrupted.

Harry Tour[]

Another variant on Harry Potter with new graphics but the same music.

Little Hag[]

A revision of Harry Potter/Harry Tour which replaces Harry with a witch and improves the music.

Witch Run[]

A variant of Little Hag. Originally appeared only on Advance Bright Limited consoles.

Some versions are converted to mapper 0, in which the title screens are removed.

Magic Jewelry (Hwang Shinwei)[]

Coin Tetris[]

A rare version of Coin Tetris completely overhauls the in-game music; one of the music tracks in this version is a rendition of "Practice Makes Perfect" from Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures.




Originally appeared only on Advance Bright Limited consoles.

Change Face Block[]

Only known to exist in the post-2022 Timemax game set.

Smiley Face Block[]

Change Face Block features particularly bad music, playing literally one note across the entire song; the music stops playing entirely after a few levels. Only known to exist in the post-2022 Timemax game set.



The music in this hack is corrupted. Originally appeared only on Advance Bright Limited consoles.



Mappy is replaced with Ninja-kun from the Ninja JaJaMaru series, and two of the items is replaced with the Fire Flower from Super Mario Bros. and the piece of cheese from Tom & Jerry. The music is corrupted. Many VT02-based consoles erroneously use the VT01 conversion of Bounce.

Break Out[]

Originally appeared only on Advance Bright Limited consoles. For unknown reasons, Break Out crashes at random intervals on the Vs. Maxx Maxxplay; it does not crash on the N-Joypad. The music is also corrupted.

Mario Bros.[]

Roge Brer (1)[]

The first version of Roge Brer rather poorly modifies Mario's sprites; while he is fully redrawn, he is still wearing overalls and a (now backwards) red hat. Mario's "turning" sprite and his face in the extra lives icon is intact. It also does not alter the Shellcreepers.

The bottom two pipes are strangely glitched; they can even be hit and "broken", causing them to disappear. This glitch is carried over into all subsequent hacks. It also has corrupted music, which is retained for all subsequent hacks except Jump and Journey.

Roge Brer (2)[]

An uncommon "second" version of Roge Brer replaces Mario with a heavily modified Milon from Milon's Secret Castle. The Shellcreepers are replaced with something resembling Pac-Man ghosts with hair. Another version of "Roge Brer (2)" found on the Dynavision "101-in-1 Games" multicart renames Mario to Jorge.

Rouge Brothers[]

Another variant of Roge Brer, this time retaining its original lightly-modified Mario sprite, but replacing the Shellcreepers with Meowkies from Mappy.


A simple title hack of Rouge Brothers.

Jump and Journey[]

Jump and Journey replaces Mario with a man resembling a soldier, and changes his name to Tom. It has swapped music cues unlike the other hacks. Originally appeared only on Advance Bright Limited consoles.

Metal Max[]

Ji Jia Zhan Shi III[]

Title screen hack of the Chinese-translated Metal Max. Music is unaltered.

Mighty Bomb Jack[]

unknown hack[]

Still says Mighty Bomb Jack on the title screen; Graphics are completely altered otherwise, with the player controlling an angel. Music is intact.

Mighty Final Fight[]

Street War[]

Based on the Japanese version. The intro sequence is skipped automatically, Cody has been changed to somewhat resemble Terry Bogard from SNK’s Fatal Fury/The King of Fighters series, Haggar's portrait resembles Hulk Hogan (although his in-game sprite lacks facial hair), and all of the music is bizarrely off-tune. The character select screen is bizarrely translated in a rather humorous manner, but the rest of the game is left untranslated. The ending and credits are completely intact.


A title screen hack of Street War.


Surface Fire[]

Based on the Japanese version of the game and has different title screen music.


A title screen hack of Surface Fire. Originally appeared only on Advance Bright Limited consoles.