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This is a list of NES/Famicom game hacks made (or assumed to be made) by Inventor, organised by original game name, from N-R.


Nekketsu Kakutou Densetsu[]

Super Fighters[]

Playable characters are replaced with Pikachu lookalikes, and the game is translated into English (albeit poorly). The music cues are swapped.

Nekketsu! Street Basket - Ganbare Dunk Heroes[]

UFO! Basketball Dunk Heroes[]

Both the Technos logo and intro are skipped. Very poorly translated into English, including mistranslating the States (e.g. New York as "Hamlet") and naming one of the characters "KKK". The music cues are swapped.

Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom (Ninja Ryuukenden III: Yomi no Hakobune)[]

Sheer Nijia III[]

Fittingly enough considering the hack's name, Ryu Hayabusa and various enemies have been graphically altered to become transparent outlines (though Ryu still becomes opaque when he gets hit). Other graphics have been altered as well, and the music appears to be corrupted too. This hack shows up in Timemax set and is slightly different from the X Boy multicart version.

Ninja Hattori-kun[]


Pocky stars Bubby from Rainbow Islands. There are two variants of Pocky with different color palettes.


Tinytoon changes the player character to a rabbit; he is presumably meant to be Buster Bunny, but has little actual resemblance to him. Has corrupted music.


All graphics are reused from Tinytoon. Originally appeared only on Advance Bright Limited consoles. Also has corrupted music.

Ninja-kun - Majou no Bouken[]


Background is changed to boxes. Music is short, seems to be corrupted and is played after unpausing the game.

Ninja Combat[]

A title screen hack of Combata; originally only appeared on the Pro Tech XL.

Warrior Chase[]

A title hack of Combata. Originally appeared only on Advance Bright Limited consoles.

Nuts & Milk[]


Penguin is based on another hack of Nuts & Milk called Milk Nuts II. Penguin uses characters from Binary Land. Has corrupted music.

Snack Attack[]

Snack Attack features enemies from Warpman. It starts on level 27, but reverts to level 2 afterwards. Also has corrupted music. Originally appeared only on Advance Bright Limited consoles.

Obake no Q-Tarou: Wan Wan Panic (Chubby Cherub)[]

Brave Boy[]

Q-Tarou has been replaced with a human boy; the music is heavily corrupted. The telephone poles were blanked out, making them appear invisible (while their collision is intact).

This game is only known to appear on an otherwise-unbranded 130-in-1 cartridge (which in itself has an 120-in-1 DIP switch variant).

Othello (Bit Corp.)[]


A title hack of the original game.

Othello (HAL Laboratory)[]


Based on the North American version, as evidenced by it retaining the copyright splash screen (while altering it to only read "Presents"). Some versions of Chess have corrupted music while others do not.


Originally appeared only on Advance Bright Limited consoles.


All of the hacks are based on a common pirated copy of the Famicom version (credited to "Kaipu Ltd." in the ROM data).


Pac-Man is altered to feature teeth and eyes on the sides of his mouth; multiple of Pac-Man's animation frames are completely unaltered (two of three sprites moving up/down, one of three sprites moving left/right). The giant Pac-Man in the first cutscene is also unchanged. The ghosts are altered to have horns, eyebrows, and facial hair. The music and most of the color values are unhacked.

Maze Tussle[]

Reuses the player sprite from Jungle, though changes the ghosts into something resembling aliens. The maze walls are changed to a gray brick pattern. Oddly, the second and third fruits are both differently-drawn watermelon slices. The game start tune and in-game siren are corrupted.

Egg It[]

Egg It alters the objective of the game so that the player has to fill the maze rather than empty it. The player controls a ladybug that lays "eggs"; the ghosts are changed to other bug-like creatures. The ghosts' names are changed to "Willie", "Winky", "Weasel", and "Wallu". Music is intact. Originally appeared only on Advance Bright Limited consoles.

Bean Man[]

Bean Man replaces the ghosts' sprites and Pac-Man himself has been recolored to gold.

Palamedes II - Star Twinkles[]

Star Twinkles II[]

Mapper 0 conversion. Music is intact. Unconfirmed whether this is a genuine Inventor hack or a fan-made imitation.



Table layout is changed in Hoodle. Kickbacks do not function here properly, making the ball go down to the drain hole. Features Lode Runners and the Russian dancers from Tetris on the playfield. Some plug-'n-plays are supposed to have Hoodle included in them, but strangely feature the original Pinball instead.

Bounce Ball[]

Also features Lode Runners and the Russian dancers from Tetris, and replaces Pauline with Circus Charlie.

Lucky Ball[]

Lucky Ball features the monkeys from Circus Charlie, and replaces the big bumpers with Buzzy Beetles from Super Mario Bros. Again Pauline is replaced with Circus Charlie. Due to faulty memory initialization, it plays the original music from Pinball in some multicarts; despite that it is actually changed in code.

Luck Ball (VT03)[]

Luck Ball is the only known VT03 Inventor hack; it is possible this is actually a Cube Technology hack based on the Inventor VT02 version(s).

Flip Out[]

A variant of Hoodle; features swapped music cues. Originally appeared only on Advance Bright Limited consoles.


A title screen hack of Lucky Ball; originally only appeared on the Pro Tech XL.

Pinball Pro[]

A title screen hack of Hoodle; originally only appeared on the Pro Tech XL.

Pokémon 4-in-1[]


A modified version of Picaclick extracted from the Pokémon 4-in-1 cartridge. Pikachu is replaced with a character who resembles a former mascot for Haribo candy.[1] The animation of a small Pikachu running after getting a high score is removed. The music when the player fails to reach their high score is changed to the title screen theme; the hack's music is otherwise unaltered.

This game appears on Advance Bright Limited consoles (alongside the Inventor-based titles), often as one of the first games in the list. However, it is not 100% clear if the hack was developed by Inventor/ABL or not, and it is known to appear on other manufacturer's consoles as well (e.g. the dreamGEAR 101-in-1).



Bitha takes place at night. The enemy wolves appear to somewhat resemble Kevin from Ed, Edd 'n Eddy, though this appears to be unintentional.

The original version of the game features slightly altered/corrupted audio; a later revision (possibly Waixing-affiliated) completely overhauls the music.


Reuses the graphics from Bitha, but uses swapped music cues instead of hacked/corrupted music. Originally appeared only on Advance Bright Limited consoles.

Brave Guy[]


A title screen hack of Bitha; originally only appeared on the Pro Tech XL. Some versions remove the hyphen (i.e. "Para Shooter") for unknown reasons.



Popeye is replaced with something resembling a pig, and Olive Oyl is replaced with a Binary Land penguin. Popeye's face is intact on the HUD's life indicator. Features corrupted music; the spinach theme is intact.

Let Loose[]

A title screen hack of Dada. Originally appeared only on Advance Bright Limited consoles.

Cat vs. Dog[]

Only known to exist in the post-2022 Timemax game set. Also has corrupted music.



A graphical hack of Porter retaining the same name as the original. This often appears as a VT01 conversion, even on VT02-based consoles; the Gun Fighter console appears to feature a proper VT02 version.


Shift overhauls the music, and replaces the player with a ladybug; its title screen logo uses the Super Star Force font.


Benthal World[]

Music is intact.

Race America[]

Racing Car[]

Some graphics are stolen from Snow Bros. and a Saint Seiya game. The cursor is removed from the opponent select screen. The credits screen remains intact, even still referring to the game as "Race America". Music is intact.

Rad Racer (Highway Star)[]

Super Hang-On 1997[]

An original Shanghai Paradise release. Cars are changed to motorcycles. Has no intermission screens – the levels start right after each other. Stage completion theme is removed. It has only one theme played by pressing down on the D-pad;

Coast Speed[]

A variant on Super Hang-On 1997.

Mad Trip: Los Angeles to Y.N.[]

Crashes after level 1.


Features billboards that have the Coca-Cola logo on them.

ALPS Skiing[]

A skiing variant using modified character sprites from the Slalom NES game. The single music track is now Jingle Bells and plays without down needing to be pressed. Some versions feature a screen reading "BBG"—an alias (?) of Inventor—upon completing the game.


A title hack of ALPS Skiing.

Downhill Racer[]

Another title hack of ALPS Skiing.

Snow Racing[]

Raid on Bungeling Bay[]

Bomb Helicopter[]

A title hack of the original game.

G-3 Cobra of Sky[]

G-3 Cobra of Sky is rather advanced—few sound and music cues are changed, player controls a bomber plane instead of helicopter and the game itself seems to be set in space.

Helicopter Harry[]

Helicopter Harry has a corrupted version of the game start tune. Originally appeared only on Advance Bright Limited consoles.

River City Ransom (Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari)[]

Super Boy[]

Based on the Japanese version. Alongside the graphical changes, most of the dialogue has been poorly translated and the music cues were swapped. It's only known release was on a Game Theory Admiral 8 in 1 multicart.

Road Fighter[]

Level designs are usually different. Game ends on course 3 in some hacks.

Power Boat[]

Power Boat is an original Shanghai Paradise release (or based on one) and is rather advanced hack.

Panzer Fly Car[]

Boat Race[]

Jet Boat[]

A title hack of Boat Race.

Air Ship[]

Air Ship's course 3 is a narrow straight with no turns.

Highway Battle[]

On the Road (1)[]

A basic title screen hack of the original game; the only other difference is that the "START" text on the road is moved down slightly. Credited to New Game Star. This hack appears on several mid-2010s plug & plays (such as the Game Prince RS-1), often listed as just "Road Fighter" in the selection menu.

On the Road (2)[]

A somewhat odd hack that changes every single graphic in the game, but to very minuscule degrees (e.g. slightly widening the cars). The opponent cars start in a different position than the original game. All graphics featuring text are changed to different phrases (e.g. changing "Pause" to "WAIT!"); most bizarrely, the "Fuel" indicator is changed to read "FOOD!". Credited to New Game Star.

This game is only known to appear on a Cheer-Tech 44-in-1 game set (with 76/128/5000-in-1 DIP switch variants), as well as on an unbranded 15-in-1 plug & play distributed by The Shopping Channel.

Zig Zag[]

Originally appeared only on Advance Bright Limited consoles.

Racing Pionner[]

Racing Pionner [sic] is a back-port of Racing Pioneer, a JungleTac UM6578 hack of Road Fighter.


Bionic Tank[]

the Music in this hack has been left unchanged along with the copyright screen and copyright date being removed. Bionic Tank has only been found on the Gun Fighter and the Family Pocket.

Rolling Thunder[]


Based on the US version. Credited to "ABORTDOT". On some plug n plays the password option and copyright are removed. Music is intact. Albatross is replaced with MiSa from Inventor's ExtremityTask hack.

Route-16 Turbo[]

Route-16 Moto[]

Items are replaced with Windows icons, including the Internet Explorer logo.