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This is a list of NES/Famicom game hacks made (or assumed to be made) by Inventor, organised by original game name, from S-S.


Saint Seiya: Ougon Densetsu Kanketsu Hen[]


Game is badly translated into English. One of the characters is replaced with Mappy; Some of the music is corrupted.

SD Hero Soukessen - Taose! Aku no Gundan[]


The characters appear to be replaced with strangely-modified sprites from other games, such as the Chef from Wanpaku Kokkun no Gourmet World (Japanese version of Panic Restaurant) with his chef hat removed.

The title screen font is modeled after the logo for Blaster Master; the Banpresto copyright is intact in most versions.



The player character and enemies are now riding motorcycles instead of speed bikes and the music remains unmodified. Seemingly 1 player only?.



Game starts on level 6 and then goes to level 1. The game crashes in one part of the ruin garden level. Some of the music is corrupted while other tracks remain intact.

Sky Destroyer[]

Sky Invader[]

Sky Invader has the player control an American monoplane fighting the Japanese; the opposite of the original Sky Destroyer. The clouds in the background are partially blanked out due to poor color editing.

Top Gun Mission[]

Top Gun Mission uses the logo from Top Gun, but otherwise has nothing to do with the film or its NES adaptions. This hack is only known to appear on an unbranded 15-in-1 plug & play distributed by The Shopping Channel.


A variant of Sky Invader; features corrupted music and fixes the blanked out clouds. Originally appeared only on Advance Bright Limited consoles.


Slalom Moto[]

Fittingly enough considering the hack's name. this hack has been modified to have everyone driving motorcycles instead of using skis like in the original game. The "Moto" part of the logo was oddly edited onto the mountain graphics, resulting in it appearing on the mountains in-game. The music is unaltered.

Snow Bros. (Snow Bros.: Nick & Tom)[]

Enchanter Kue[]

Bonus stages and ending are intact in both hacks. The first enemy is replaced with the bug doctor from Inventor's Dr. Mario hacks. The music cues are swapped.

Magic Imp[]

A title hack of Enchanter Kue.


Many of these are effectively the same hack, which replaces players with rabbits. The teams available are also different, and consist almost entirely of men's national soccer teams in the AFC (with the United States and Japan being the only teams retained from the original NES game). The music is redone from scratch.

A few of these hacks are credited to New Game Star. Most of the hacks feature an odd code shifting between the letters "D" and "Y"; some hacks did not accommodate for this, resulting in "Player" being misspelled as "Plader".

World Cup[]

Likely the first "rabbit version"; removes the in-game music, but retains the sound effects.

World Cup 2000 (1)[]

Features human players with something resembling devil horns on their heads.

This hack is only known to appear on an unbranded 15-in-1 plug & play distributed by The Shopping Channel. As with most games on this console, it is considerably more primitive in terms of hacking compared to other Inventor titles.

World Cup 2000 (2)[]

Another rabbit version; the players' heads are slightly redrawn compared to the "World Cup" version.

World Cup 2002 (1)[]

Almost identical to World Cup 2000 (2), but the music is unhacked from the original Soccer game.

World Cup 2002 (2)[]

A somewhat poor title hack of the "World Cup" version.

Fifa 2002[]

A title hack of the "World Cup" version.


Uses human players with hats; features corrupted music and no sound effects. Oddly, the scoreboard is removed.

Soccer (1)[]

A variant on "Football" with the same sprites and music, but it retains the scoreboard. Originally appeared only on Advance Bright Limited consoles.

Soccer (2)[]

A title screen hack of "Football", though compared to the above variant, the scoreboard is still missing. Originally only appeared on the Pro Tech XL.

Soccer (3)[]

Similar to the "rabbit versions", but the player sprites are unaltered from the original game.



In Soldier, SonSon and TonTon are replaced with soldiers. It has corrupted music.


Tunny has a poorly-colored Donkey Kong in its intro. SonSon and TonTon are replaced with helicopters; two of the enemies are taken from Bubble Bobble Part 2. On the attract screen, the players' names are changed to Jack and Rose (referencing the film "Titanic"), but this reverts back to SonSon and TonTon in-game. Some versions feature slightly different music than others.

Space Invaders[]

Village Protector[]

Shields are redrawn to look more like houses, to go along with the Village Protector title. Originally appeared only on Advance Bright Limited consoles.

Spartan X (Kung Fu)[]

Warrior Tales[]

Thomas is replaced with a man in a green robe. the background music is replaced with the game over music. Originally appeared only on Advance Bright Limited consoles.

Spartan X 2[]

Waddy Boy[]

Only known to appear on an obscure 400-in-1 multicart. One of the enemies has sprites taken from The Jungle Book. The intro, cutscenes and intermissions were removed. Music is intact.

Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six[]

Super Chap[]

Based on the mapper hack which removes 128K of data, leading to the cutscenes being completely blank. Spider-Man is replaced with a modified Hosuke from Mitsume ga Tooru. One of the enemies is replaced with Mappy; the green cat enemy is seemingly a heavily-edited sprite of Meowky. The game's music is intact.

The copyright screen is skipped, but still flashes for a split-second with its information unaltered. All references to Spider-Man's name in dialogue are intact; the version in the Timemax set reportedly corrects this.

Spy Hunter[]

Need For Speed[]

Not to be confused with the video game franchise of the same name. Music is muted upon starting the game, though appears to begin playing after the player's car crashes. Originally appeared only on Advance Bright Limited consoles.

Spy vs Spy[]

Wild Wild[]

The Spies are replaced with Honey from Bomberman. Music is Intact. Unconfirmed whether this is a genuine Inventor hack or a fan-made imitation.



Some music cues are switched and some palettes are changed. Ingame music is still intact. Originally appeared only on Advance Bright Limited consoles.

Star Force[]

Galax Ranger[]

Galax Ranger features a war plane instead of a spacecraft. Oddly, the menu is altered so that the "A" button starts the game (as opposed to the "Start" button). This game is only known to appear on a Cheer-Tech 44-in-1 game set (with 76/128/5000-in-1 DIP switch variants).


Background is mostly removed, leaving nothing but a starscape.


Similar to Mars with a different palette.

Bolt Action[]

Bolt Action is a rather advanced hack.

Srace Wars[]

A title screen hack of Mars; originally only appeared on the Pro Tech XL. "Srace" is presumably a typo of "Space".

Star Gate (Defender II)[]

All hacks are based on the Japanese version.

Atomic Blast, Star, and Starattack are credited to Power Joy Ltd. The games are hacked to use both CHR banks (similar to Defender II's coding), whereas the original Star Gate only uses one bank. Despite seemingly having a development connection to Inventor, they rarely, if ever, appear within Inventor's game set.


Star blanks out the in-game HUD and score counter; it appears these functions were effectively broken from the conversion to using both CHR banks. There are two different variants, featuring various graphical differences; most noticeably, one version replaces the ship with a dragon, while the other replaces it with a flying green man.

All known revisions sloppily replace the menu select screen with text reading "START". The two-player and "Game B" modes can still be accessed by pushing Select.

Atomic Blast[]

Built off of Star, though all graphics and music are heavily altered in comparison. The score counter is made visible, though it does not function correctly; only updating the score when a life is lost. The menu select text is unaltered.


Almost identical to Atomic Blast, but the music is unhacked from the original Star Gate. Judging from the CHR data, this hack was produced after Atomic Blast was.

Levin Action[]

A separate hack from the versions listed above. Only uses one CHR bank in coding; the in-game HUD and score counter are intact and function correctly.

Depths of Space[]

A variant of Levin Action; features swapped music cues. Originally appeared only on Advance Bright Limited consoles.

Street Fighter 2010 (Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight)[]

Final Duel[]

Based on the Japanese version. The intro cutscene is removed. Music is intact. Ken/Kevin Striker is replaced with one of the characters from Milon's Secret Castle.

Street Fighter II Pro[]


Based on the "12 Peoples" variant commonly found on multicarts. Zangief is featured on the title screen but isn't actually in the game, Ken's portrait and title screen graphic is taken from Double Dragon, Chun-Li's portrait is taken from a Saint Seiya game and Ryu's portrait is a edited Satoru Nakajima from Nakajima Satoru: F-1 Hero. One of the levels is a heavily edited version of the Pirate Ship stage from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters and the Train level is shared with Bollywood 2003, another Street Fighter II Pro hack.

Super Arabian[]

Crazy Gold Digger[]

Crazy Gold Digger features a Kirby-like character with the hair and face of Kevin McCallister from Home Alone. One variant features altered music while another version does not.

Lively Boy[]

Lively Boy replaces the player character with a human boy and the music is unaltered.

Super Contra (Super C)[]

Super Fighter[]

In Super Fighter, the level select is unlocked by default. Some versions also have a weapon select menu, this is likely a result of being based off of a multicart. Music tracks are swapped around.

Behind Enemy Lines[]

Music is completely intact in Behind Enemy Lines.

Super Dyna'mix Badminton[]

World Champion Badminton[]

the music cues are swapped around. Originally appeared only on Advance Bright Limited consoles.

Super Mario Bros.[]

All of these hacks, with the exception of Super Shrek Bros., are advanced hacks that completely replace all the music. This music is often comprised of renditions of various existing pieces, sometimes using either Glenn Miller's "In the Mood" as title screen music, or "Hello! Ma Baby" as in-game music. Most versions have the level select unlocked by default.

All hacks significantly alter the sprites of the mushroom retainers. In most hacks, Princess Toadstool is intact, but is strangely colored. In most hacks, all of the enemies are completely changed; though the Hammer Bros are unchanged in Pandamar (save for being miscolored). Most hacks significantly alter Bowser's sprite, but it remains largely unchanged in Frog Prince.

There have been reported versions of Pandamar, Pka Chu/Pocket Maero and Frog Prince that keep the music intact, along with versions featuring Mario with the music and sound effects from Pandamar, but it is unconfirmed currently if these were intentionally created versions or were just a result of PRG and CHR ROM being mismatched between the hack and the original game on a multicart.


A hack replacing Mario with a panda. Various versions with different music exist, one plays "Hello! Ma Baby" and another plays Jingle Bells.

Impossible Panda[]

Impossible Panda is based off of another Super Mario Bros. hack of unknown origin called Super Mario Bros Frustration, but uses the graphics, music and sound effects from Pandamar.

Frog Prince[]

The title theme in most versions of Frog Prince is The game over music and the Frog's small sprite resembles Keroppi from Sanrio and Mario's mushroom-powered sprite is replaced with a human boy who wears sunglasses. Certain versions play "In the Mood" and other versions play "Hello! Ma Baby".

Pocket Maero[]

A hack starring Pikachu.

Pika Man[]

A variant of Pocket Maero. One version stars Starmie instead of Pikachu.

Pka Chu[]

Another variant of Pocket Maero starring Pikachu.

Super Boy[]

Super Boy has no connection to (and not to be confused with) Zemina's Super Boy series. The title theme is the same music from Anti SARS.

Super Kid[]

Super Kid features the graphics from Super Mario Bros. 2: The Lost Levels, TNT, The diamonds from Wacky Races and Super Boy with the music and sound effects from Pandamar and Princess Toadstool has been replaced with a anime girl.


A hack replacing Mario with a mushroom and featuring "In the Mood".


In Telebaby, Mario's mushroom-powered sprite is replaced with Dipsy from Teletubbies; all other graphics, including Mario's "small" form, as well as the music, are reused from the Mushroom hack.


Another variant of Telebaby.

Game Mars of JJ[]

Game Mars of JJ is a Pandamar-based hack created for an early 2020s handheld device. "JJ" is a chicken character wearing sunglasses, and he both replaces Mario and is the shape of the physical console itself. Uses "In the Mood" on its title screen.

Super Shrek Bros.[]

Super Shrek Bros. features Shrek and is based off of the PAL version, causing it to play at a faster speed than normal. It's also the only hack that does not alter the music. Strangely, Shrek's small sprite resembles Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc.. Princess Toadstool's sprite is also altered, unlike the other hacks.

Super Spy Hunter (Battle Formula)[]

Inclement Trip[]

Game starts on level 2 in the Manley 50 Games Plug'n Play. On other consoles that include this hack it starts on level 1. Music is intact.