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This is a list of NES/Famicom game hacks made (or assumed to be made) by Inventor, organised by original game name, from T-Z.


Tag Team Pro-Wrestling (Tag Team Wrestling)[]

Tag Team Smackdown[]

A title hack of the original game. Music remains unaltered.

Taito Chase H.Q.[]

Rush Hour[]

Demo plays, enemy cars' specifications, instructions and all the maps are cut. Regular police car (in crimson red) and Rush Hour logo appear after pressing Start. Radio shows frequency, but nothing else. All the speech is cut. Credited to AIM Co LMT. This game uses the font from Kick Master. Music is unaltered.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters[]

Defender Fighter[]

Defender Fighter is a complete graphical overhaul of TMNT: Tournament Fighters, changing all of the original characters' names and likenesses, all of the stages, and various UI and menu elements. The Turtles are replaced with bald, green-skinned men with mustaches, wearing colored sunglasses.

The music in this hack is mainly corrupted, with only a few tracks remaining intact. The gameplay remains unaltered.

Only known to exist in the post-2022 Timemax game set.


Most of these hacks have corrupted music while others have the title theme changed.

Tennis (1)[]

The "first" version of Tennis is more advanced, removing the referee (Mario) in exchange for additional characters lounging around the net; their heads turn following the ball. Changes the (originally male) players to be wearing skirts and gives them pigtails.

Tennis (2)[]

The "second" version features a layout much closer to the original game; Mario is replaced with a snail, and two sprites of the Adventure Island protagonist Master Higgins appear on the lefthand side. Again changes the players to be wearing skirts but does not give them pigtails.

Super Tennis[]

Super Tennis is nearly identical to the second Tennis revision, but adds a third Master Higgins in place of Mario/the snail.

Tennis Sealion[]

Tennis Sealion replaces Mario with a frog and the tennis players with sealions.

Tennis Animal[]

Only known to exist in the post-2022 Timemax game set.

UFO Tennis[]

Winbolton Champ-2000[]

Uses the same "pigtail" player sprites from the first Tennis revision, but the remaining graphics are mostly unaltered. "Winbolton" appears to be either a misspelling of "Wimbledon" or an intentional faux-name to avoid trademark infringement.

This hack is only known to appear on an unbranded 15-in-1 plug & play distributed by The Shopping Channel. As with most games on this console, it is considerably more primitive in terms of hacking than other Inventor titles.

Tetris (BPS)[]

Puzz Up[]

One of the few hacks to explicitly credit Inventor. There are Bird Week birds and Super Mario Bros. clouds in the sky. Mapper 0 conversion. Music is intact. Unconfirmed whether this is a genuine Inventor hack or a fan-made imitation.

Tetris (Tengen)[]

Falling Bricks[]

Falling Bricks features entirely different pieces (with the exception of the T-tetromino), making it play more like a standard "brick game" system. Music is intact.


Only known to exist in the post-2022 Timemax game set.

Tiny Toon Adventures[]

Happy Angel Legend[]

In Happy Angel Legend, the playable characters resemble the four Teletubbies, and the enemies are recolored. Oddly, Furrball's sprites are intact, despite being colored yellow like Laa-Laa. The music cues have been swapped around.

Most of the other Tiny Toons characters were left unmodified; Concord Condor, Shirley the Loon and Hamton's graphics were removed but the former still has its SFX and the other two's dialogue are intact.

Joy Animal[]

Joy Animal replaces Buster Bunny with a Pikachu and Plucky Duck with a Hypno; Dizzy Devil's sprites are only slightly modified, and Furrball is once again unaltered. One of the power-ups is replaced with Chack'n Pop. The music has been corrupted. The other Tiny Toon characters' graphics are mostly removed or left alone in the same way as Happy Angel Legend.

Tom & Jerry: The Ultimate Game of Cat and Mouse! (Tom & Jerry and Tuffy)[]

Bruce & Leo[]

Jerry is replaced with a character vaguely resembling a Smurf. Tom is colored brown, but is otherwise unaltered; Tuffy is fully intact. Two of the items are replaced with the Fire Flower and Coin from Super Mario Bros. The game's music is corrupted.

Despite the title, Tom, Jerry, and Tuffy are renamed to Numen, Leo, and Bruce, respectively.

Transformers: Comvoy no Nazo[]


All of the music in this hack has been corrupted. Some versions are converted to mapper 4.


All hacks based on a Mapper 0 conversion.



A title hack of Van-1.

Cloud Fire[]

A variant of Van-1; uses swapped music cues instead of hacked/corrupted music. The background treetop-like graphics are removed. Originally appeared only on Advance Bright Limited consoles.

Urban Champion[]


Changes the human fighters to resemble goblins, and replaces the city street setting with a forest setting. The music is corrupted; a revision seen on Advance Bright Limited consoles uses swapped music cues.


A title screen hack of Spar; originally only appeared on the Pro Tech XL.

Wacky Races (Chiki Chiki Machine Mou Race)[]

Harry Story[]

In Harry Story, Muttley is replaced with Harry Potter and the levels have been swapped around; the levels' names are changed to text reading PUSH START. Has corrupted music.

Soldier Boy[]

In Soldier Boy, Muttley is replaced with the player character from Bananan Ouji no Daibouken (Japanese version of Banana Prince). Also has corrupted music.

Wanpaku Kokkun no Gourmet World (Panic Restaurant)[]

Harry Wrestle[]

Cookie the Chef is replaced with Harry Potter. One of the bosses is replaced with Donkey Kong. The music cues are swapped.



In Aether, the player character is replaced with a airplane. The music in this hack is corrupted.


Octopus replaces the player character with a Octopus who looks like Tako/Mr. Parodius from the Parodius series.

Wild Gunman[]

All hacks have corrupted music.

Anon Gunman[]

Cow Boy[]

Title hack of Anon Gunman. Some revisions reformat the title as one word (i.e. "Cowboy").

Fast Gunman[]

Features skeletons.



Corrected title hack of Gunfignt.


Features dinosaurs.

Quick Draw[]

A title screen hack of Anon Gunman; originally only appeared on the Pro Tech XL.

Sharp Shooter[]

Replaces the cowboys with Osama Bin Laden.

The World of Card Games[]


Uses graphics from Binary Land and Bomberman.

Wrecking Crew[]

Some versions rename Mario to Roger; the Timemax version renames him to Maria. Both hacks have a corrupted rendition of the game start tune.

Destroy I[]



Lives are infinite in these hacks, though if you earn a life before losing any, It will reset back to 1. Making it so if you lose a life, you get a Game Over.

Air Alert[]

One version of Air Alert replaces all audio with a crude 8-bit rendition of Morrigan's theme from the Darkstalkers series, while another instead use corrupted music based off of the original Xevious.


Yie Ar Kung-Fu[]


Replaces the dojo setting with a forest setting and renames Lee to "Lar". Music is intact.

Kung Fu[]

The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles[]


Indiana Jones is replaced with Buster Bunny, using his sprites from Inventor's own Tinytoon (Ninja Hattori-kun hack). The copyright screen and all mentions of Indiana Jones's name are intact. Backgrounds in cutscenes are glitched, and young Indiana Jones is left intact in them. Some of the music is corrupted, while other tracks remain intact.

Zhong Guo Xiang Qi (Micro Genius)[]

Chinese Chese[]

Based on the preexisting NROM hack of the same name; replaces the people with animals.

Zippy Race[]


Graphics on levels 2 and 4 are displayed incorrectly in X-Racing, making this hack incredibly difficult.

Burning Rubber[]

Fun Racer[]

In and Out Racer[]

Originally appeared only on Advance Bright Limited consoles.

Obstacle Race[]

Only changes the title screen and colors, leaving all graphics intact; the grass is oddly colored pink, while the surrounding shrubs are still green. A revision seen on Advance Bright Limited consoles features different music and still has green-colored grass. The ABL version labels speed in mph, but in actuality speed remains unchanged from the original, where km/h is used.


Only known to exist in the post-2022 Timemax game set. Barge features very badly hacked music.

Zombie Nation (Abarenbou Tengu)[]

Air Raider[]

Based on the English version. Air Raider changes Zombie Nation's playable flying head into a simple spaceship, along with a few other graphical changes such as the backgrounds and the opening cutscene's sprites. The opening text crawl remains unchanged. Only known to exist in the post-2022 Timemax game set.