Inventor/List of hacks

These hacks usually change most/all of the graphics, and may modify the music slightly. Later hacks fully replaced the music with brand-new tracks. Inventor is only explicitly credited in a small number of these, so the extent of its involvement is unknown. Some more notes about the listing:

  • Any games with extensive amounts of Japanese text have been translated into (mostly broken) English.
  • Sometimes the music cues are swapped around, other times they are completely corrupted, possibly to either intentionally hide copyright (badly), or as a side effect of hacking the game.
  • Many games feature a specific, generic character who resembles a cute-ified Ninja Turtle. For consistency, it will be referred to as "Conte" in the listing (after the game "Conte Enegy").
  • There are many "Alternate" versions of preexisting Inventor hacks that only modify the music and colors; these have not been documented here.
    • Several color variations are actually conversions to VT01 hardware, an uncommon type of Famiclone that uses less colors than the standard NES. In reality, the colors weren't supposed to be different, but rather were adjusted to suit VT01's limitations.
  • Most, if not all "Advanced" hacks change the graphics, remove all sound effects, and/or replace all music tracks with a single new track.
  • Several of Inventor's hacks were based on already existing Funtime "Y2K" hacks (ex: Conte Enegy and Penguin are reworked from Turtles and Milk Nuts II). The Y2K series was likely not Inventor-developed, however, as there is no direct connection between the two companies.
Original Game Hack Name(s) Notes
10-Yard Fight American Football
Super Bowl
1942 Aether Tiger
Air Tiger
World War II
Adventure Island Clonk

Based on another hack of Adventure Island called Sonic, Inventor may have made that one as well, but this is currently unconfirmed,

Master Higgins (Master Takahashi) / Sonic the Hedgehog is replaced with a Sprite/Graphic Edit of Hosuke from Mitsume ga Tooru.

Adventure Island II Super Boy World


Based on another Hack of Adventure Island II called Super Bros. 9. Cross-Pacific's ending is left intact.
Adventure Island III Super Boy : The Wind of Island

Stars the player character from Frog Prince, a Super Mario Bros./SMB1 Hack.

Antarctic Adventure Slalom Pentaro is replaced by character, that resemblance Ewok from Star Wars.
Arkanoid Scoring Mapper 0 conversion. Some versions are broken and start on level 0 where all the bricks are invisible, making the hack impossible to start properly. Items have no letters. Font is taken from Chack 'n Pop.
Astro Robo Sasa Astro Robo Toto The character is Milon from Milon's Secret Castle and the Cow is replaced with Conte.
Balloon Fight Air Umbrella
Zero Gravity
In Air Umbrella and Zero Gravity, the player controls Meowkie from Mappy with his ears cut off.

Fishwar is an advanced hack, and is credited to Nature Color Game.

Baltron unknown hack Ship graphic is changed, title screen is intact.
Baseball Baseball The players are replaced with Meowkies from Mappy.
Batman Hellfire Batman is replaced with Conte.
Battle City City A 2000
Future Copter
Future Tank
Sea War 2000
All the hacks are based on the Tank 1990 hack.
Sea War 2000 is an advanced hack. Levels are taken from Battle City and slightly modified.
Binary Land Mars Man
Bird Week Bird Brain
Thunder Bird
Thunder Bird is copyrighted 2007 and only changes the game's colors. In Bird Brain, the background is stolen from Bucky O'Hare.

Blaster Master

Fairy 2001
Bomberman Golgotha (1)
Golgotha (2)
In Golgotha, Bomberman is replaced with Lode Runner.

Bubble Bobble Part 2

Dotey Cat Bub (Bubblun) and Bob (Bobblun) are replaced with Doraemon.
Brush Roller (Hwang Shinwei) Monster Dash Characters and Enemies are taken from Clu Clu Land.
Bucky O'Hare Space Soldier Based on the Japanese version. The game features one-hit deaths; this is a result of the Konami anti-piracy code being set off, which occurs if the copyrights on the title screen are removed. Willy DuWitt is replaced with a Mario lookalike. The game's dialogue is poorly translated in a rather humorous way but is left untranslated from the Cell stage onwards.
Bump 'n' Jump Bumpity Bop Game starts on level 3.
BurgerTime Burger Build Game starts on level 2.
B-Wings Ultimate Choice Weapons are renamed to fighter plane names.
Captain America and the Avengers Ares Game crashes after first boss fight, any mention of The Avengers in dialogue is intact. The first part of the intro dialogue is changed, but the rest of it is unchanged.
Chack'n Pop Bomb
Bomb Drop
Challenger Ladangel
Championship Lode Runner Arctic Hunt
Conte Enegy (2)
Tactful Mokey
Conte Enegy (2) uses the same graphics as the first game.

Tactful Mokey stars the Monkey from Circus Charlie.

Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers 2 Elf Legend Chip and Dale are replaced with Charmander from Pokémon and Po from Teletubbies. Dialogue is poorly translated in a rather hilarious way.
Choujikuu Yousai - Macross Aether Kavass
Enemy Assault
Ghost Plane
Thunder Bird
Both Enemy Assault and Ghost Plane remove the intro screen. Thunder Bird is a rather advanced hack.
Circus Charlie Conqueror
Super Elf
Super Elf starts on level 7 (harder version of level 2), and crashes after beating stage 05 results red screen, probably due to programming error. It's also some of music is corrupted unlike Conqueror.
City Connection City Chase
Street Frenzy
Most iterations of Goodhand and Street Frenzy erroneously use the same tile for painting over the road, making it almost unplayable; at least one (rare) variation fixes this. Mapper 0 conversion.
Clu Clu Land Fish Fight
Ku Ku Land
Code Name Viper ExtremityTask Has only been found as partially overwritten graphic data. The main character has been changed into a girl and her cutscene portrait resembles Cammy from the Street Fighter series.
Contra Force X-Plan Based on another hack of Contra Force called Super Contra 6. Characters are all Contes and the music is heavily corrupted.
Devil World Underworld Underworld starts on level 2.
Dig Dug Crypt Car
Dik Duk
Down Deep
Down Deep steals its intro music from Galaga.
Donkey Kong

What's Up

What's Up starts on Level 2.

Donkey Kong Jr. Rescue Kuck
Based on another hack of Donkey Kong Jr. called Turtles II. Junior is now Conte, Mario is replaced with a sprite edit of the same enemy from Tom & Jerry that was used in Conte Enegy, and Donkey Kong is replaced with Numen from Bruce & Leo, a Tom & Jerry hack.
Donkey Kong 3 Bandits
Bug is a rather advanced hack.
Donkey Kong Jr. Math Calcu Chaos Same graphics as Rescue Kuck.
Door Door Knok Knok
Double Dragon III Boxing Circles Overlord Based on the Japanese version. In the intro cutscene and character select screen, Jimmy Lee's face is replaced with Casey Jones' mask from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The dialogue is poorly translated in a humorous way. A level skip cheat is activated by default. The ending is replaced with a rather generic "The End" screen.
Dough Boy Gear Master
Downtown - Nekketsu Koushinkyoku - Soreyuke Daiundoukai Boy Sport Intro is removed. The second in-game menu is skipped. The Referee is replaced with the player character from Frog Prince. Almost any trace of Japanese text is translated into English. Ending is intact, but the text is removed.
Dr. Mario Anti SARS
Make Well
Most of the music is new, except for Chill which is the same as the original.
Duck Hunt Anti-Terror Action
Autumn Hunt
Shoot Copter
Shoot Out
Shoot UFO
Shoot UFO 1
Snowfield Shoot
Space 2050
Super Shoot
Anti-Terror Action replaces ducks with Osama Bin Laden heads. Shoot Copter and Shoot UFO 1 are only the Clay Pigeons mode. A couple of variations separate the title screen from the menu.
Excitebike Biky Bike
Extreme Racer
Tip Moto
Tip Moto changes the controls 90 degrees (up/down are moved by left/right). Cars replace motorcycles.
Exerion Exfrome
Fly By
Space War
Space War isn't actually set in space.

Overlord is an advanced hack.

F-1 Hero (Michael Andretti World GP) Dream Rapid The grand prix mode has been removed and the course can't be changed, effectively meaning the game only has 1 track.
F-1 Race Bicycle Race
Boat Race
Jet Sprinter
UFO Race
Bicycle Race completely alters the physics.
UFO Race and Boat Race have the "Score" meter rather humorously changed to spell "Scroe".
Family Computer Othello Chess
Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge Ultimate Speed This hack is impossible to complete because the pit road is broken after Round 1. Right after you stop, you go without tire change. This makes tires worn for the entire races.
Field Combat Saucer Wars
Fire Dragon Dragon
In one plug & play, Dragon is credited to Power Joy Ltd.

Shunting replaces the titular dragon with a train and is credited to Power Joy Ltd.

Formation-Z Convert Soldier
Front Line Hassle
Galaga Battle
Top Shot
Ship has a smaller movement window than normal (cannot reach left corner), making it very difficult to play.
Galaxian Hexapod
Warship is based on another hack of Galaxian called Night Arrow; Inventor may have made that one as well (unconfirmed).
Geimos X-Terk 2 Credited to Winners.
Golf Championship Golf
Championship Golf starts on hole 3.
Gomoku Narabe Gobang
Right Move
Gradius Firmanent When you get the speed-up power, you automatically get the two options. Music appears to be made from scratch.
Guevara (Guerilla War) Bolide The game is based on the Japanese version, but the cutscene text is translated to English. The SNK Copyright is intact in most versions.
Gun-Nac Space War
Space War III
Star Wars
Level select is unlocked by default. Space War III automatically skips the intro cutscene. Star Wars is unrelated to the movie series of the same name, and was likely changed to Space War later on for copyright reasons.
Hogan's Alley Bestiarian
Debar Bomb
Forest Guard
Rnpid Gunnery
Shooter (1)
Shooter (2)
Dinosaur Bale has slightly changed music based on the original. The remaining hacks have this made from scratch.
Hokuto no Ken Conte Seemingly the first game to star Conte. Mapper 0 conversion.
Ice Climber Climbing Club
Mars Climber
Ice Hockey Winter Cup Credited to Winners.
Ikki UU Weapon
Isolated Warrior Order II The intro screen is removed.
Jackie Chan Barve Boy - Kung Fu Pokechu


Replaces Jackie Chan with a large Pikachu. A girl Pikachu and Mewtwo appear in the opening intro. Likely based on Super Bros. 10: Kung Fu Mario.

Hulk is the exact same as Barve Boy, only this time, Pikachu has been changed to what is supposed to be The Incredible Hulk.

James Bond Jr. Caesar Captain Any mention of James Bond Jr's name is intact.
Joust Flying Bomber
Soaring Warrior
Joe and Mac Risker Super 2002: Jake Saga Based on another hack of Joe and Mac called Mario 16, the player characters are now Teletubbies.
The Jungle Book Woody Story Mowgli now vaguely resembles Conte.
Juuouki (Altered Beast) Super Man No affiliation with the superhero. Uses the Mario 3 font on its title screen.
Kabuki Quantum Fighter Chain The intro and cutscenes are removed.
Kage (Shadow of the Ninja/Blue Shadow) Berserker
Karateka Neighborhood Smash
Kick Master Dream World The cutscenes are removed.
Kinnikuman - Muscle Tag Match Boxing Match
Championship Wrestling
WF Law
Boxing Match and Championship Wrestling replace the human wrestlers into animals.
Kunio-kun no Nekketsu Soccer League Mad Foot Ball - The World Club of Soccer League Based on the "Goal 3" title hack commonly found on multicarts, players are replaced with Teletubbies, Intro text is blanked out, most of the text in game is messed up and makes no sense, this is a result of poor translation.
Lode Runner Conte Enegy (1)
Jungle Trail
In one plug & play, Conte Enegy (1) is called "Conter Energy" on the title screen. The enemies are replaced with sprite edits of one of the enemies from Tom & Jerry.
LotLot Maze Ball
Lunar Ball Billiard 2008
Planetary Pool
Music is heavily corrupted.
Mach Rider Ballistic Mayhem
Trump Tank
Ballistic Mayhem removes the intermission screens making this game playable only on the A courses.
Magic Carpet 1001 Harry Potter
Harry Tour
Little Hag
Witch Run
Harry Potter and Harry Tour obviously star Harry Potter and the music is heavily corrupted, both Little Hag and Witch Run replace Harry with a generic witch and uncorrupts the music.

Some versions are converted to mapper 0 (not all).

Magic Jewelry Abacus
Coin Tetris
Magmax Hovercraft
Mappy Bounce
Break Out
Mario Bros. Jump and Journey
Roge Brer (1)
Roge Brer (2)
Rouge Brothers
The enemies in Rouge and Rogue Brothers are Meowkies from Mappy. Jump and Journey changes Mario's name to Tom.
Metal Max Ji Jia Zhan Shi III Title screen hack of the Chinese translated Metal Max.
Mighty Bomb Jack Unknown Hack (1)
Unknown Hack (2)

The 1st hack still says Mighty Bomb Jack on title screen: graphics are completely altered otherwise.

The 2nd hack has a blank title screen, and another unique graphic set.

Mighty Final Fight Street War


Based on the Japanese version, The intro sequence is skipped automatically, Cody has been changed to somewhat resemble Terry Bogard from SNK's Fatal Fury The King of Fighters series, the character select screen is translated but the rest of the game is left untranslated.
Millipede Surface Fire
Both hacks are based on FamiCom release and have the title screen music changed.
Nekketsu Kakutou Densetsu Super Fighters Playable characters are replaced with Pikachu lookalikes and the game is translated into English (albeit poorly).
Ninja Hattori-kun Defiance
Pocky stars Bubby & Bobby from Rainbow Islands.
Ninja-kun - Majou no Bouken Combata
Warrior Chase
Background is changed to boxes. Music is short, seems to be corrupted and is played after unpausing the game.
Nuts & Milk Penguin
Snack Attack
Penguin is based on another hack of Nuts & Milk called Milk Nuts II. Penguin uses characters from Binary Land, while Snack Attack features enemies from Warpman. Snack Attack starts on level 27, but reverts to level 2 afterwards.
Obake no Q Tarou (Chubby Cherub) Penguin Only changes the colors, and blacks out the logo.
Othello (Bit Corp.) Genius Chess
Pac-Man Egg It
Maze Tussle
Egg It changes the graphics so that you have to fill the maze rather than empty it.
Palamedes II - Star Twinkles Star Twinkles II Mapper 0 conversion.
Panic Restaurant Harry Wrestle Chef is replaced with Harry Potter.
Pinball Bounce Ball
Flip Out
Lucky Ball
Luck Ball (VT03)
Table layout is changed in Hoodle. Kickbacks do not function here properly making the ball go down to the drain hole.
Luck Ball is the only known VT03 Inventor hack.
Pooyan Archery
Bitha takes place at night.
Popeye Dada
Let Loose
Olive Oyl is replaced with a Binary Land Penguin.
Popeye no Eigo Asobi Bear ♥ Penguin

Same graphics as Dada (Popeye Hack).

Credited to Winners.

Porter Porter
The Shift logo uses the Super Star Force font.
Pyramid Benthal World
Race America Racing Car Some graphics are stolen from Snow Bros. and possibly a Saint Seiya game. The cursor is removed from the opponent select screen.
Rad Racer Coast Speed
Downhill Racer
Mad Trip: Los Angeles to Y.N.
Skiing / ALPS Skiing
Super Hang-On 1997
Among Inventor's earliest hacks.
Mad Trip crashes after level 1.
Super Hang-On 1997 and Coast Speed have no intermission screens – the levels start right after each other. Stage completion theme is removed. Both hacks have only one theme played by pressing Down on D-pad. Cars are changed to motorcycles in Super Hang-On and Coast Speed.
Raid on Bungeling Bay Bomb Helicopter
G-3 Cobra of Sky
Helicopter Harry
G-3 Cobra of Sky is rather advanced – few sound and music cues are changed, player controls a bomber plane instead of helicopter and the game itself seems to be set in space.
Road Fighter Air Ship
Boat Race
Jet Boat
On the Road
Panzer Fly Car
Power Boat
Level designs are different. Game ends on course 3. Power Boat is a rather advanced hack.
Air Ship's course 3 is a narrow straight with no turns
RoadBlasters Bionic Tank
Route-16 Turbo Bumingr-16 - Top Gear Drive
Saint Seiya: Ougon Densetsu Kanketsu Hen Raider Game is badly translated into English. One of the characters is replaced with Mappy.
Rolling Thunder Emprise
S.C.A.T. FU-3 Firebolt


Based on the Japanese version. The text in cutscenes is removed. The player characters turn into Pikachus in some levels.
SD Hero Soukessen - Taose! Aku no Gundan Baresark

Title screen font is stolen from Blaster Master / Chō Wakusei Senki Metafight.

Banpresto's Copyright is intact.

Seicross Violent
Silkworm X-War Game starts on level 6 and then goes to level 1. The game crashes in one part of the ruin garden level.
Sky Destroyer Propeller
Sky Invader
Top Gun Mission
Slalom Slalom Moto
Snow Bros. Enchanter Kue

Magic Imp

The Bonus Stages and Ending are intact.
Soccer Fifa 2002
World Cup
World Cup 2000 (1)
World Cup 2000 (2)
World Cup 2002
Most of these are effectively the same hack, which replaces players with rabbits.
SonSon Monster
Monster replaces SonSon & TonTon with Popo & Nana from Ice Climber. Tunny has a poorly-colored Donkey Kong in its intro. Monster is credited to Winners.
Space Invaders Beat Balloon
Village Protector
Spartan X/Kung Fu Warrior Tales
Spartan X 2 Waddy Boy
Spy Hunter Need For Speed
Spy vs Spy Wild Wild The Spies are replaced with Honey from Bomberman.
Spider-Man and the Return of the Sinister Six Super Chap Based on the mapper hack which removes 128K of data, leading to the cutscenes being completely blank. Spider-Man is replaced with a modified Hosuke from Mitsume ga Tooru. One of the enemies is replaced with Mappy. All references to Spider-Man's name in dialogue is intact.
Sqoon Seascape
Star Force Bolt Action
Galax Ranger
Background is mostly removed in Mars and Salangame, leaving nothing but a starscape. Bolt Action is a rather advanced hack.
Galax Ranger features a war plane instead of a spacecraft.
Star Gate Atomic Blast
Depths of Space
Levin Action
Star removes the in-game HUD. Atomic Blast and Star are credited to Power Joy Ltd.
Street Fighter II Pro Defier Based on the "12 Peoples" variant commonly found on multicarts, Zangief is featured on the title screen but isn't actually in the game, Ken's portrait and title screen graphic is taken from Double Dragon, Chun Li's portrait is taken from a Saint Seiya game, one of the levels is a heavily edited version of the Pirate Ship stage from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters
Super Arabian Crazy Gold Digger
Smart Acel
Crazy Gold Digger features Kirby-like character with hair & and face of Kevin McCallister from Home Alone.
Super Contra (Super C) Behind Enemy Lines
Super Fighter
In Super Fighter, the level select is unlocked by default. Some versions also have a weapon select menu, this is likely a result of being based off of a multicart.
Super Dyna'mix Badminton World Champion Badminton
Super Mario Bros. Frog Prince
Impossible Panda
Pka Chu
Pocket Maero
Super Boy
Super Shrek Bros.
Pka Chu and Pocket Maero star Pikachu, while Super Shrek Bros. features Shrek.

Every single hack, with the exception of Super Shrek Bros. , are advanced hacks.

Most versions have the level select unlocked by default.

Impossible Panda is possibly based off of a fanmade Kaizo hack.

Super Spy Hunter (Battle Formula) Inclement Trip Game starts on level 2.
Tag Team Pro-Wrestling Tag Team Smackdown
Max Team W.W.F.L
Max Team W.W.F.L is credited to Winners.
Taito Chase H.Q. Rush Hour Demo plays, enemy cars' specifications, instructions and all the maps are cut. Regular police car (in crimson red) and Rush Hour logo appear after pressing Start. Radio shows frequency, but nothing else. All the speech is cut. Credited to AIM Co LMT.
Tennis Tennis (1)
Tennis (2)
Winbolton Champ-2000
Tennis (2) features sprites of the Adventure Island protagonist Master Higgins (Master Takahashi).
Tetris (BPS) Puzz Up There are Bird Week birds in the sky. Mapper 0 conversion.
Tetris (Tengen) Falling Bricks The pieces are different, making it play more like a standard Brick Game system.
The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles Storm1

Indiana Jones is replaced with Buster Bunny, using his sprites from Inventor's own Tinytoon (Ninja Hattori-kun Hack). The copyright screen and all mentions of Indiana Jones' name are intact. Backgrounds in cutscenes are glitched and young Indiana Jones is left intact in them.

Tiny Toon Adventures Happy Angel Legend

Joy Animal

In Happy Angel Legend, the playable characters resemble the four Teletubbies and the enemies are recoloured.

Joy Animal replaces Buster Bunny with a Pikachu and Plucky Duck with a Hypno.

Tom & Jerry Bruce & Leo Jerry is renamed Numen.
Transformers: Comvoy no Nazo Moonglade
TwinBee Galigon
Mapper 0 conversion.
Urban Champion Spar
Changes the human fighters to resemble goblins and replaces the city street setting with a forest setting.
Volguard II Earth Guard
Wacky Races Harry Story
Soldier Boy
In Harry Story, Muttley is replaced with Harry Potter. Levels are swapped around. Level select screen has level names replaced with "Push Start" text. Cutscenes are skipped automatically.
Warpman Aether
Wild Gunman Anon Gunman
Cow Boy
Fast Gunman
Sharp Shooter
Sharp Shooter replaces cowboys with Osama Bin Laden.
The World of Card Games Squeezer Uses Graphics from Binary Land and Bomberman.
Wrecking Crew Destroy I Some versions rename Mario to Roger.
Xevious Air Alert
Lives are infinite
Xiao Ma Li Small Lucky
Yie Ar Kung-Fu Feat
Zhong Guo Xiang Qi (Micro Genius) Chinese Chese Replaces People with Animals.
Zippy Race Fun Racer
In and Out Racer
Obstacle Race
Graphics on levels 2 and 4 are displayed wrongly in X-Racing, making this hack seriously difficult.
Obstacle Race's speed is shown in MPH, but actually speed remains unchanged from the original, where km\h unit is used.
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