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Origin China
Years Late 90s/early 2000s
Consoles Famicom
Sounds used Sunsoft
Aliases Shanghai Paradise, BBG(?), Invent
Games published by Waixing, Advance Bright Ltd., Macro Winners, various other Famiclone manufacturers
Related companies Nice Code, Qi Sheng Long

Inventor was a Chinese developer of various original games and hacks, believed to be responsible for the majority of hacks found on Famiclones dating from 2000 onwards, such as the Arcade Action II. Its original games often use the Sunsoft sound engine.

Although Inventor itself is believed to no longer exist, many of its games and hacks appear to have passed to other companies, including Waixing, Cube Technology and Nice Code.

Other names used by Inventor or related companies include Shanghai Paradise & BBG, although BBG may actually be a pseudonym for Subor or another related company.

Original Games

These games can usually be identified by a Shanghai Paradise logo found in the game tiles, although it is rarely displayed.

  • Blood of Jurassic (獵殺侏羅紀) - Also has a cut-down Famiclone version named Jurassic Park.
  • F22 aka Navigator - The original version has 16 levels, but the version featured on Subor famiclones & copyrighted to Waixing has only 3.
  • Monkey King
  • Street Dance - A Dance Dance Revolution clone, the original version is ©2000 INVENT and uses standard NES music (with the Sunsoft sound engine), while an update made in 2008 apparently by Nice Code updates the copyright to ©2008 INVENT and adds PCM sampled music. A combined game pack with this and Hit Mouse also came bundled with certain third-party dance pads.[1]
  • Underground Mission

Advanced Hacks

  • Super Hang-On 97, Skiing - fairly comprehensive hacks of Highway Star, aka Rad Racer.
  • Alienis - Either a clone or an advanced hack of Battle City which introduces scrolling.
  • Power Boat - Appears to be an advanced hack of Road Fighter.
  • Fish War - A hack of Balloon Fight with completely different graphics and music.


List of standard hacks

Less advanced hacks that were produced by Inventor.