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Nature Clan: Island, otherwise simply known as Island, is an installment of the Nature Clan series. Its hardware is VT02 (Famicom), like with every other Nature Clan title.


Island gameplay


Nature Clan is on a small, plus-shaped island. A few eggs fall from the sky and on the island every few seconds, and Nature Clan's objective is to kick them off the island. Within a few seconds, the egg flickers and then becomes an enemy, complete with an evil face and legs.

The enemy eggs walk around the island, and Nature Clan must avoid it. If an evil egg touches him, he loses a life, and the stage resets. As a workaround, Nature Clan must kick a normal egg at an enemy egg for it to fall off the island. Nature Clan has three lives, and the player will receive a game over if every life is lost.


Island only has one hack, Kicking Now, a simple title screen hack. Island has no VT03 counterpart and is one of three Nature Clan titles without one. The other two are Escapeway and Mirror Devil World.