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Jovial Race (迷魂車) is a port of Rally-X, made for the Famicom and NES by Joy Van in 1989. It was published by Thin Chen Enterprise.


This game is a port of the arcade game Rally-X. The player drives around collecting flags and avoiding other cars until all flags have been collected. Using the B button, they can attack the cars by dropping tree trails which if the enemies crash into, they get stuck for a few seconds. The player gets 3 lives and infinite continues, and a limited amount of fuel which decreases quicker while trails are being dropped. Through each level, numerous things appear on the road. Some awards money while driving on a Duck or a puddle make the player loose money or fuel respectively. Pressing Start brings up a shop that offers special items like Turbo, a rocket, a gun, extra lives and others. The game is 75 levels long, though on certain emulators it goes back to the title screen after level 50.


  • Jovial Race was advertised on the back of some generic bootlegs cartridges with a year of 1988.
  • The Chinese title (which is also shared by Hwang Shinwei's own port of Rally-X called BB Car) is what Rally-X is called in Chinese territories.
    • A Mega Duck/Game Boy port of Rally X done by Sachen also shares the Chinese name of this game (and artwork on some multis,) although its English name is Street Rider.
  • This is Thin Chen (aka Sachen mothercompany's) first original game.
  • If the player press select when the player were starting a bonus game, the player can change the music track that plays during gameplay.