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Jue Zhan San Guo (決戰三國) is an unlicensed Chinese-language game for the Game Boy Advance, released in 2003. No English translation is known to exist.


The overall plot is based on the Chinese historical fiction novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, with Liu Bei (ruler of Shu) as the main protagonist and Cao Cao (ruler of Wei) as the main antagonist.


Jue Zhan San Guo is a tactical role-playing game in which the characters move around a field and attack each other. Occasionally, a character will automatically counterattack upon being hit. Every character has HP as well as EP. HP is health which, if brought to zero, causes the affected character to disappear. EP is a separate energy meter for special elemental-based attacks. Liu Bei's defeat always results in an instant "Game Over" even if the player's other characters are still usable. Gaining enough experience points allows one to level up, and each character must be strengthened individually. Items can be bought before each battle; some restore either EP or HP, some revive vanished characters and some may poison, paralyze or even tranquilize the victim. Teams are color-coded; the player's characters wear green and blue, while the artificial intelligence's characters wear red, orange and yellow.

There are several types of fighters:

  • Foot soldiers - They attack with swords at a close range.
  • Guards - They are similar to foot soldiers, but use spears and are stronger.
  • Animal tamers - They use either tigers or dogs to attack, and are the least likely to experience counterattacks.
  • Knights - They use swords, ride horses and can travel longer distances in a single turn.
  • Archers - They can attack within a longer range, using a bow and arrows.
  • Spellcasters - Their preferred melee weapons are either mallets or fans, but they frequently use EP attacks from a distance.


Jue Zhan San Guo shows signs of being developed by Vast Fame. The most prominent piece of evidence for this is a full screen graphic of Vast Fame's logo and Chinese name buried in the game's ROM. This suggests that they were behind development of the game and planned to release it under their own name at one point. The game also uses a sound engine that sounds identical to ones used in Rockman & Crystal, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (魔戒奇兵 in Chinese), and Digimon Sapphire, which are games that are also linked to Vast Fame.