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Jujing Electronics (巨晶電子公司) was a publisher known to have retailed two Famicom titles on behalf of Hwang Shinwei and Hwang Jiun-Ming. These titles had a fairly limited distribution and low production run, Block Force cover being printed on standard paper and cut by hand, for example.

Games Published[]



  • The cartridge shells were unique to this manufacturer. Similar but not identical molds are known to exist such as the one used by Assupo.
  • The 1990 print of 3D Block, credited to RCM Group, reuse the same components (printed circuit board, and sometimes the same cartridge shell) as the 1989 release albeit not requiring the whole circuit board as the game had been reworked to work on simpler hardware. This suggests that Jujing is either RCM Group (or closely related to it) or they had closed down and the developers had obtained the remaining assets.