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Jumping is a platform action game for Arcade, released in 1989 by Seyutu Electronic.


The game consists in the main character(s) to save his family members, which was been confirmed to disappeared. The player can must go through 7 Islands (plus 3 hidden Islands if certain requirements are met), each one with 4 stages, including a boss in the final one each. You can kill the enemies and catch fruit + bonus items by creating magical stars, or just destroying them by either jumping or falling on.


This game is a hack of Rainbow Islands: The Story of Bubble Bobble 2 made by some bootleggers in Europe. However, it include very major differences on it (both in-game and in hardware):

  • The Rainbow Project screen when the game is powered on was replaced with a lot of corrupted red tiles;
  • The Taito copyrights on the Title Screen was either replaced by Seyutu Electronics or blanked;
  • The main character face was redrawn, resembling more like Disney's Pinocchio. In some versions, it could have a yellow or a red nose;
  • The main character creates a arc of stars instead a rainbow arc;
  • There are no music in the Darius Island, being completely silent;
  • The music in Bubble Island goes off rhythm and corrupts itself overtime;
  • Most of the Secret Rooms in the hack are broken;
  • The collision detection on platforms are weakened (at least for enemies);
  • The PCB does not contain a uPD78C11 chip (used for copy protection);
  • The music and effects of the game are provided by 2xYM2203 instead of a single YM2151.
  • Insect Island and Combat Island are renamed Fly Island and Army Island, respectively.