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Kaiser Electronics Corp. (凱程電子股份有限公司) was a Taiwanese company best known for its multicarts and Famicom Disk System conversions. They later transitioned into making copiers under the brand names Alma, Gamars and Salyute.

At some point, this business was transferred to the two affiliated companies Forcer Microsystem Co., Ltd (永程科技有限公司) and Zi San Electronics Corp (馹三電子股份有限公司)[2], formerly Zi San Enterprise Co., Ltd. Forcer Microsystem was described as an engineering and design company, with Zi San Electronics marketing and manufacturing their products.[3][4].

Zi San and Forcer continued to use the Gamars brand on a series of game console accessories, including further copiers[5] and a VCD player card for the PS1.

Both companies were dissolved in February 2013.

Original games[]

Kaiser is known to have released three original games for the SNES in the 1990s under the Gamars brand name. One of these games was included in the BIOS of a copier, while the other games were released as standard cartridges in Taiwan. One of the cartridge games is adult in nature. It is currently unknown who exactly developed these games. The cartridge games use custom shells that look similar to official Super Famicom and European SNES cartridges and have tab grooves on the back to allow them to fit in North American SNES consoles.

  • Puzzle (1994) - Also known as Gamars Puzzle. A simple sliding puzzle game included in the BIOS of a copier for the SNES/Super Famicom. Uses the Super Pang (Super Buster Bros.) sound engine and sound effects, but plays originally composed music. Kaiser and Gamars are credited on the copyright screen
  • 4人玩正宗16張 台灣麻將 (1994) - Mahjong game with suggestive imagery on the front of the box, the front of the manual, and cart label. Kaiser and Gamars are credited on the copyright screen and on the back of the manual. Kaiser's Chinese name is printed on a sticker on the back of the cartridge. Currently undumped
  • Qiwang Zhizun (棋王至尊) (1996) - Also referred to as Taiwan Chess. A simulation of the board game xiangqi, or Chinese chess. The front of the box features the Gamars logo as well as a 1996 copyright notice attributed to Zi San. The Chinese name of Zi San's old company name (Zi San Enterprise Co., Ltd.) is printed on a sticker on the back of the cartridge. Currently undumped


4人玩正宗16張 台灣麻將[]

The following images, except for the copyright screen, were sourced from pictures posted in a Twitter (X) post by @superfamicom.

Qiwang Zhizun/Taiwan Chess[]


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