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Kapitan Pronin: Odin protiv vseh (Russian: Капитан Пронин: Один против всех, lit. Captain Pronin: One Against All) is a port of a 1997 adventure game from Windows 98 to PlayStation 1 developed by IDDK. Like the majority of Russian-released titles for the original PlayStation, it was not licensed or endorsed by Sony.


Based on a four-episode cartoon series Captain Pronin by Filmpotrebsoyuz Pictures, Kapitan Pronin: Odin protiv vseh is a menu-driven adventure game which puts the titular character of Captain Pronin into a series of ridiculous and absurd, yet dangerous situations. Each plot branch in the game is a self-contained story with its' own set of endings. Unusually for an adventure game, the entire playthrough relies on a limited amount of money and health.

During the game, the player can receive advice from one of the two helpers, one being an outsider (detective or ninja) and the other being a relative (Pronin's wife or Major Pronin, the grandfather). While accessing each hint costs exactly $100, some of the endings will be unreachable without their use.

The PS1 port, while being essentially the same game, contains a slightly retooled interface: the scrolling text is now rendered letter-by-letter rather than word-by-word, plus two new buttons were added to the UI, which allows the player to grind back some money and/or health. The latter is supposedly done because, unlike the PC original, the port provides no saving capabilities whatsoever.


  • None of the original cast or animation team worked on Kapitan Pronin: Odin protiv vseh, and probably the only thing that directly alludes to the original Pronin shorts is a short FMV segment from episode 2.
  • In process of porting the game to PS1, one of the endings has become inaccessible due to the player not being able to type "IDDQD" on the keyboard during one of the scenes. No workaround has been ever made for this particular situation.


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