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Killer Gorilla is an unlicensed port of the Donkey Kong for the BBC Micro, Acorn Electron, and Amstrad CPC. It has been written by Adrian Stephens and published by Micro Power for the BBC Micro in 1983 and ported to the Acorn Electron and Amstrad CPC microcomputers in 1984.


The gameplay and presentation are mostly identical to the original Donkey Kong, though there are some minor differences present:

  • There is no intro cutscene for when you start the game, it just cuts to the "HOW HIGH CAN YOU TRY?" screen.
  • The "HOW HIGH CAN YOU GET?" screen changes "GET" to "TRY"
  • In the first stage of the original Donkey Kong, DK has 4 barrels in his disposal, but in Killer Gorilla he has 6.
  • The purse is replaced with a pink telephone.
  • The colectable layout in the final stage is mostly different from the original Donkey Kong.
    • The purse (telephone) colectable is now on the top right
    • The hat colectable is absent in this stage, despite the fact it appears in the previous one.
  • The ending is also quite different.
    • Killer Gorilla doesn't fall on his head, unlike Donkey Kong.
    • The platforms don't fall into a stack, they just disappear.
    • The scene depicting the player and the princess in love is absent.
    • Text was added to the scene that reads "GIVE UP".


The instructions in the BBC Micro version states that the barrels are also "bowls of custard".

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