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Killer Instinct (SNES Bootleg) is a hacked and unlicensed version of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) version of Killer Instinct made for arcades. 

Differences between the Bootleg and SNES original []

The bootleg is nearly the same as the original SNES version, with only differences really being restricted access of the training mode and options mode, the added "credits" function, and the removal of any mention of Nintendo in the intro of the game (though the Rareware logo is kept). The game's default difficulty is set at the second easiest setting, which prevents to see any of the character's endings, or the ending credits. This can be changed through the dipsettings, which allows you to change the difficulty and set the cost of a game. Despite the mentions of Nintendo being removed in the intro, the ending credits are kept untouched, hence, Nintendo is mentioned there. Also, regardless on changing the difficulty, the appraisal speech and the small promotional for Killer Instinct II are removed. However, the screen that tells you how to unlock Eyedol is kept.

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