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King Fishing, also known as King Fishing Live and Tzar Fishing, is a bass fishing simulator developed by Hummer Team, going by the name Simmer Technology, in the early 2000's. It was exclusively released on a fishing rod shaped plug n' play system with an interactive crank, which was distributed in various countries by various publishers. The versions released by Excalibur and Tsukuda explicitly credit a company named Silicon Pyramid, a subsidiary of Apollo Electronics.[1] The King Fishing unit was also licensed by Radioshack in Canada.


The game offers three different modes to play in: Tournament, Practice and King Fish. In the King Fish mode, the player picks a region and the time of day they want to fish, and afterward starts the game by choosing one of five available bait types. Before throwing the line (which can be done either by shaking the rod or pressing START), the player can move left or right in the surrounding area, and the screen switches to an underwater view once the line is thrown, it's also important to note that changing where you choose to throw your line makes almost no difference in where you choose to cast your line. The player can slowly move the bait around in an attempt to catch a bass, which can be done by either using the joystick or tilting the rod from side to side. Once a fish takes the bait, the player has to rapidly turn the crank on the fishing rod console to bring it out of the water. The fishing rod controller will vibrate rapidly while the fish is caught on the line.

You can lose your lure from the fishing line if the tension on it while reeling in a fish is too high. Afterwards, the bait will not be present in the lure selection menu, instead being replaced with a red X. In King Fish and Tournament mode, you can lose multiple lures. If you lose all your lures, the HUD will say "GAME OVER" and you are taken to the leaderboard with your final score displayed. In Practice mode, only one lure can be lost at a time. If you lose a lure after one has already been lost, the previously lost lure will reappear.

Bait Information[]

The instruction manual[2] features a list of baits, including their names and intended use cases.

Icon Bait Description
Kingfishing general General Bait The most popular bait for fishing.
Kingfishing flasher Flasher Bait that periodically flashes. Useful in the evening to entice fish.
Kingfishing suspendedbait Suspended Bait Suitable for beginners. It’s the most enticing bait for fishes.
Kingfishing floater Floater Floats close to the surface of the water. It’s best for fishing in the Gulf.
Kingfishing leafbait Leaf-Shaped Bait Sinks slower and is best for fishing in the Dikes.

Version Differences[]

Apollo version[]

  • Turtles will swim by.
  • The HUD arrangement is different.
  • The playfield is one tile taller.
  • The copyright line on the title screen has been removed.
  • The fisherman now wears a hat, making him more closely resemble the fisherman from Sega Bass Fishing. The fisherman also has more detailed clothing.
  • The frames for each region were completely redrawn.
  • Graphical glitches have been fixed.
  • The Apollo version replaces the Excalibur title card(s) with a singular Apollo title card.
  • The "Dikes" theme was modified, now featuring part of the beginning rather than jumping straight to the main chorus.
  • While the Excalibur version has a rumble test that can be activated by pressing the ESC button numerous times (consecutively) during the intro/logo cards, this test is seemingly omitted from the Apollo version.


  • Gameplay elements and various assets (including backgrounds and the "FISH!!" text) are lifted from Sega Bass Fishing, potentially making this the newest game to have been demade for Famicom hardware by Hummer Team.
  • The game seems to have been reprogrammed slightly between the Apollo and Silicon Pyramid-copyright releases.
  • The game's art style shares many aspects with that of Titenic.
  • Various music tracks from the game were reused for later Hummer Team projects, such as the ZDog, Samuri 60-in-1, and the Super New Year Cart 15-in-1 multicart.
  • A button combination can be used on the title screen to show credits to "Taiwan Simmer Company Technology Limited" by pressing: ESC, UP, LEFT, UP, ESC. The credits are misspelled as "Taiwan Simmer Technolog Compamy Limited"; Below the text is contact information.
    • "Simmer" was an alias used by Hummer Team between 2000-2003 and was used on very few projects. The alias seems to have been abandoned shorty after its initial usages, as games like Samuri 60-in-1 and ZDog, which where released in 2006, feature the standard "Hummer Technology Co. LTD.," branding.
  • The title screen font is very similar to the font used in Hummer Team's Street Fighter II: The World Warrior.
  • All of the music tracks featured in King Fishing are present in Rings, both used and as unused leftovers.[3]
  • A game known as Fishing, presumably created by Nice Code Software, shares many visual similarities with King Fishing and features nearly identical gameplay. [4]
    • This game notably shares visual similarities with the Apollo version of King Fishing that are absent from the Silicon Pyramid-copyright version. It is possible that both games were created based off of the same design documents or for the same customer.