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King Fishing
Title screen (Excalibur version).
Publisher Apollo, Excalibur Electronics, Tsukuda, others?
Developer Hummer Technology
Console Plug n' Play (Famicom)
Date 2000-2001
Alternate names/hacks King Fishing Live (Excalibur), Tzar Fishing (Russia)

King Fishing is a bass fishing simulator developed by Hummer Technology in the early 2000s. It was exclusively released on a plug n' play system that was marketed in various countries around the world by various publishers. The version released by Excalibur explicitly credits a company named Silicon Pyramid.


  • This Plug n' Play was seen in Japan (Tsukuda), Russia (?) and the United States (Apollo, Excalibur Electronics).
  • King Fishing seems to have been reprogrammed slightly between the Apollo and Silicon Application releases. At this time it is unclear as to which came first.
  • The game's art style is extremely similar to Titenic.

Version Differences

Apollo Version:

  • Turtles swim by.
  • The HUD arrangement is different.
  • The playfield is one tile taller.
  • There's no copyright line on the title screen.
  • Some of the graphics are slightly different. Notably, the fisherman is lacking a hat, which makes him look like Terry Bogard of Fatal Fury fame.