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King Fishing
Title screen (Excalibur version).
Publisher Apollo, Excalibur Electronics, Tsukuda, others?
Developer Hummer Technology
Console Plug n' Play (Famicom)
Date 2000-2001
Alternate names/hacks King Fishing Live (Excalibur)
Tzar Fishing (Russia)

King Fishing is a bass fishing simulator developed by Hummer Technology in the early 2000s. It was exclusively released on a Plug n' Play system that was marketed in various countries around the world by various publishers. The version released by Excalibur explicitly credits a company named Silicon Pyramid.


The game offers three different modes to the player: Tournament, Practice and King Fish. In the last mode, the player picks a region and a timeframe: morning, noon or evening. When a game starts, the player has to choose one of the five baits available. Before throwing the line, the player can move left or right on the surrounding area. Once the line is thrown, the screen switches to an underwater view. The player can slowly move the bait around in an attempt to catch a bass. When one takes the bait, the player has to rapidly turn the lever on the fishing rod console to bring it out of the water.

Version Differences

Apollo Version:

  • Turtles swim by.
  • The HUD arrangement is different.
  • The playfield is one tile taller.
  • There's no copyright line on the title screen.
  • Some of the graphics are slightly different. Notably, the fisherman wears a hat in the Apollo version which makes him look like Terry Bogard of Fatal Fury and King of Fighters fame.
  • The frames for each region were completely redrawn.


  • This Plug n' Play was seen in Japan (Tsukuda), Russia (?), and the United States (Apollo, Excalibur Electronics).
  • King Fishing seems to have been reprogrammed slightly between the Apollo and Silicon Application releases. At this time it is unclear as to which came first.
  • The game's art style is extremely similar to Titenic's.