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The King of Fighters R-2 engine is a fighting game engine used in Game Boy Color games published by SKOB, BBD, Sintax and Fiver Firm. Text that appears to reference a Gamtec development tool appears in three of these games, but it is unknown whether Gamtec actually developed these games itself or supplied the tools to another company. It may be related to the Takara King of Fighters engine but, if so, it is more heavily modified than the version used by Vast Fame. Each game that uses this engine can load save states from other games that use this engine.



  • The King of Fighters R2 (published by SKOB) - Contains text from Gamtec's tool.
  • Dragonball Final Bout

Fiver Firm[]

These all contain a custom "Fiver Firm" boot logo[1], which may be a publisher or a developer. E'Fighter HOT and Garou both contain text from Gamtec's tool.


These also had releases with the Fiver Firm logo

  • Garou: Mark of the Wolves (The box for this game is labeled BBD in the Chinese version)
  • Dragonball fighting game (only the hack "Dragonball Fight 2005" dumped, real name unknown) (A version of this game with the boot logo "Kwichvu" exists, suggesting that Sintax may have also released a version of this)


  • Quan Ba Tian Xia


  • In the regular Game Boy mode, the HUD part of the screen seems to be glitched.
  • It appears that none of these games feature a two player versus mode.