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Kingway Electronics (慶威電子股份有限公司), also known as "King-Wei Electronics", was a Taiwanese console manufacturer established in 1988[1] and mostly active in the 1990s. Their products included the Top Guy handheld famiclone and a series of Sega Mega Drive clones.



  • Top Guy - the first known handheld famiclone.
  • Unknown car famiclone, patented [2]

Mega Drive clones[]

Kingway's Mega Drive clones were sold under many different brand names around the world, although Kingway's own trademark was "Saba" in English and 戰神 "Zhan Shen" in Chinese.[3]

These consoles usually included the "UCS" "Universal Cartridge System" region-switching system which allowed cartridge region locks to be circumvented.

  • KW-500 - a simple clone of the Mega Drive 1[4].
  • KW-501 - also known as Power Pegasus, Super Bitman, Scorpion XVI, Aito, Magic 2, MG-16 among other names[5].
  • KW-502 - also known as Subor SB-16C and Songa[6].
  • KW-503(?) - also known as Songa II, Super Bitman, MG-16R, MGW-16 and Dendy Pro 16bit[7]. The MG-16R, MGW-16 and Songa II versions came with wireless controllers, while Super Bitman and Dendy Pro 16bit did not.
  • KW-505 - also known as TW-168[8].

Other products[]

Kingway Electronics was credited on some 8-in-1 multicarts sold for the "Matra 3600" Atari 2600 clone in Italy[9][10][11][12]. However the console itself and other cartridges were credited to "Max'er Technologies".