Koko Adventure
File:Buzz and Waldog (Prototype) -!--0.png
Publisher Daou Infosys (Korea)
Innovation (US, cancelled)
Developer Open Corp.
Console Famicom/NES
Date 1993 (Korea), Unreleased (US)
Sound engine Konami (Tiny Toon Adventures)
Alternate names/hacks Buzz & Waldog

Koko's Adventure(코코 어드벤쳐) is a Famicom/NES platofrm game made by Open Corp. in 1993. It's one of the few games for the Famicom that was done by a Korean developer. This game was better well known under its unreleased, American version known as Buzz & Waldog.


The game stars two characters, Koko and Suzi who are pretty much the same other than the sprites. You can either play as either one in single player or both in multi-player. The A button is used to jump and the B button allows you to do a spin kick jump which can hit anything around you. In each level, you have to collect a required amount of keys under the time limit in order to beat it. There's 3 levels in each stage as well as a boss fight. There's 5 stages overall and after that, you fight all the bosses again before confronting the final boss. There's also question mark boxes around that you can break to get points, gems, 1-ups or a powe-rup. The power-up can either grant you the ability to double jump and if you already have that, the ability to let you glide in the air.

Many of the graphics are taken from Super Mario World on the SNES, especially in the first world. The game uses the sound engine and sound effects from Tiny Toon Adventures, although the music itself is original.

Buzz & Waldog

File:Buzz and Waldog (Prototype) -!--0.png


  • This game has graphics ported from Super Mario World.
  • The music in this game was also used in Jang Pung II for the Game Gear, which was made in the same year.
  • The ROM dump of the Korean version features a prototype English title hidden inside of it, showing that the game was originally going to be called "Buzz & Spinner." Also worth noting is that there are sprites (although sparse) of Waldog in the ROM, meaning that Innovation likely intended the project to get an English release from the start.
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