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Koko Adventure
File:Buzz and Waldog (Prototype) -!--0.png
Publisher Daou Infosys (Korea)
Innovation (US, cancelled)
Developer Open Corp.
Console Famicom/NES
Date 1993 (Korea), Unreleased (US)
Sound engine Konami (Tiny Toon Adventures)
Alternate names/hacks Koko Adventure

Buzz and Waldog is a Famicom/NES game made by Open Corp. in 1993. The Korean release was called Koko Adventure, while Buzz and Waldog itself (the planned American release) was cancelled.


Many of the graphics are taken from Super Mario World on the SNES, especially in the first world. The flowers in the background of that world are taken from Sonic the Hedgehog. The game uses the sound engine and sound effects from Tiny Toon Adventures, although the music itself is original.


  • This game has graphics ported from Super Mario World.
  • The music in this game was also used in Jang Pung II for the Game Gear, which was made in the same year.